Doom Second Update Unleashing Tomorrow, New Multiplayer Modes, New Maps Coming Next Week

doom second update

Id Software’s reboot of the classic shooter game DOOM released a few months ago with a sudden success. Despite being mainly single player game, it was said the game will receive multiplayer DLCs in future. Earlier this month, Vulkan Support was added to DOOM with no extra charges by id Software. But the team is hardly finished with supporting this year’s surprise hit shooter. Doom second update will arrive next week on all platforms and it includes some brand new features. The new DOOM update will introduce two new multiplayer…

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Overwatch and DOOM launch party


So, another month, and in comes strings of event. This time, it was a launch party of the highly reputed games OVERWATCH and DOOM on 5th June. I know, we are a tad bit late, but the sooner the better eh ? So, NVIDIA India along with us i.e Techarx was the brain behind the said event. And biggest help came from Mr. Gurjyot Singh, the owner of Battleground Gaming cafe, who provided us with the venue. The event started at 4 in the evening, and we were helped into…

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Hellish Sounds of Doom showcase proper sound design.

Doom 2016

You are about to enter a room filled with demons, the corridor before it is silent with anticipation. You can hear the slight noises coming from the pipes above and the ventilator fans below. As you get in, the door slides open with a high note, the metal chords kick in and the demons unleash fury with their shrieks and roars. The bang from your shotgun sings in unison with the last cries of your hellish foes. Together with all these sounds, a melody is created that rings in your…

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GTX 1080 Runs Doom In 200fps With Ultra Settings At 1080P

GTX 1080 runs Doom in 200fps

GTX 1080 Runs Doom In 200fps Yes. you heard it right. GTX 1080 runs DOOM in 200fps on ultra settings in 1080P. Nvidia demoed Id’s next generation DOOM on a single GTX 1080 card at its special event yesterday. GTX 1080 took the performance cap on another level by running the game at a staggering 200 frames-per-second. The spectators were left in awe when GTX 1080 not only surpassed the previous generation of GPUs significantly in terms of performance but also, how it made the use of the latest Vulkan API…

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DOOM Launch Trailer Has Been Released,

Blood and gore, the two main pulverising elements of the DOOM franchise. And it’s in abundance in the new launch trailer which has been released online. The minute long trailer shows off some pretty locations, some massive monsters and a few of the weapons that’ll be on offer when the game releases on May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Bethesda has released some information on when you’ll be able to pre-load the game, and what it’ll take to play it at its best on PC. PC Steam Preloading…

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The DOOM File Size Has Been Revealed For Xbox One

You might want to free up some space in your Xbox One , because the DOOM reboot weighs in at more than 45GB – 45.04GB to be exact. The file size of the upcoming shooter on PS4 and PC hasn’t been revealed yet, but in general, sizes don’t differ that much between the 3 platforms. DOOM will follow the story of a lone marine who’s goal is to simply take down and exterminate everything. The shooter will feature a campaign and multiplayer mode. Additionally, the DOOM SnapMap allows players to create, and…

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DOOM 4 Season Pass Detailed

Bethesda has announced in addition to the planned free support and content updates, Doom will also be receiving three premium multiplayer DLC packs after launch, which will get you a number of new maps, hack modules, playable demons, weapons and more. The first DLC will be available this summer and give you access to: Three new maps One new weapon One new playable demon One new armor set One new piece of equipment New hack modules and taunts New customization colors and patterns Each DLC pack will cost $14.99 (£11.99 [UK]), or…

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New multiplayer modes for DOOM reboot revealed

Now here is a bit of a news to get me and the fans hyped even more. A new video has been released by Bethesda showcasing the different Multiplayer modes in their upcoming reboot of DOOM. So, let us take a look at it, shall we ?     The old team deathmatch is making a return in the name of Clan Arena. The gameplay is simple, You fight until you die  , and the last team standing wins. Only that there will be no respawns, no pickups and no…

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Bethesda confirmed E3 press conference.

Slot it into your calendar and board the hype train because Bethesda just confirmed that they will be returning to Los Angeles for the pre-E3 press briefing, which was announced on twitter. Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference is scheduled to start Sunday, June 12. The company did not specify a venue. Last year , Bethesda software also held a pre – E3 press conference around the E3 week. During the show they unveiled the highly anticipated Fallout 4, a detailed look at their new Doom reboot and ended the presentation with an…

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