AIO Cooling solutions teased for Ryzen 2000 series

  AMD Ryzen 2000 series has been a topic of discussion sometimes now.And since the first iteration till now we have gained a lot of...

Intel Kaby Lake Overclocked results Leaked: 7700k gets overclocked to 6.7GHz

Intel kaby lake release is still months away but that doesn't stop the rumors and leaks from creeping in. The last rumor however, is the best...

Indian Overclockers Break World Record On Intel Xeon 2699 V4 With Help From ASUS...

The top tier overclocker's in India are at work again! Recently in a seven-hour long session in Mumbai, star overclocker Shatul aka Toolius and the...

Asus Presents The Asus India OC Tour

ASUS India organised the first OC India Tour on February 27th in Kolkata, at the Kenilworth Hotel.  Attendants were shown ASUS's current lineup as...

Intel’s Core i7-6700K Hits New Overclocking Record

i7-6700K Hits New Overclocking Record set by Chi-Kui Lam Intel's i7 6700k is the current pinnacle of consumer processing power. As with everything processor-related, the...

HWBOT and the benchmarks that matters: Part 1

  Hello all,today we will be taking a look at benchmarking and what goes in and around the competitive benchmarking scene. Specifically we will be taking...

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Market And Flourish Your Brand With Local Seo Solutions!

All small or large businesses aspire to prosper and amplify their brand name in the market. Small scale businesses operate on regional...

Intel Discontinues Their Exclusive Warranty Plan For Overclockers

Intel has discontinued its Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP), an extended warranty plan that was offered for a small extra fee collected at purchase. The plan offered protection from damage that occurred during overclocking. The company made the announcement via a message delivered on the PTPP website.

ASGARD Announces DDR5 4800Mhz Memory Before Any Major Brands

Asgard, a relatively unknown Chinese memory manufacturer, announced its first DDR5 memory. The announcement happens before other big brands have announced theirs.

Lenovo’s New LEGION Edition Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT First Look

Pictures surfaced on Chinese social media of the new Lenovo Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT LEGION Edition graphics cards. Right now it's unclear whether Lenovo designed these cards, or if the designers of AMD's reference MBA (made by AMD) graphics cards lent a hand.

NVIDIA Introduces New CMP 90HX based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

According to recent information, one out of four CMP HX graphics cards will feature Ampere architecture, which means that only one card will utilize Samsung 8nm process. The CMP 90HX is based on a PG132 board (the same as RTX 3080) and it will feature GA102-100 GPU. This model will have 320W TDP and 10GB memory by default. Our source has no information on the memory type yet nor how many CUDA cores does this chip will have.