GALAX Overclocks GTX 1080 – Surpassed 2GHz With Breeze

Galax GTX 1080 HOF

buy gabapentin online cod buy prednisolone for cats uk GALAX GTX 1080 HOF Overclocked ! Galax overclocks GTX 1080 surpassing the 2Ghz mark on air as well as LN2. NordicHardware had the opportunity to interview one of a country top overclocker,  Mr. Mad Tse from Hong Kong.  We know him under the nickname of Mad222 at and his international achievements in worldwide competitions as MOA orGOOC. Mad Tse was showcasing the capabilities of custom designed GeForce GTX 1080 HOF at GALAX booth during Computex. Galax Overclocks GTX 1080 HOF : 2.2GHz On Air & 2.5GHz On LN2 Mad Tse had many things to say about…

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MSI has announced three new design for the GTX 1070. By the looks, all the three variants look similar to to the ones announced for GTX 1080. MSI has listed all three variants (excluding Founders Edition) on their website –  GTX 1070 GAMING X, GTX 1070 SEA HAWK and  GTX1070 AERO. MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G The Gaming X variant will feature Twin Frozr VI cooling solution equipped with Torx 2.0 fan design. Oh, and not to be overlooked, Zero Frozr technology will be present which ensures quiet operation by turning…

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OnePlus 3 : The Story So Far And What To Expect

OnePlus 2

OnePlus : The Flagship Killers OnePlus Stormed the smartphone industry with its debut, Oneplus one. Oneplus has gained a good reputation compared to its competitors, thanks to the mouthwatering Price/Performance ratio offered by them. With every new announcement, expectation with Oneplus raises a bar. Words were buzzing about the third installment of Oneplus smartphones a.k.a Oneplus 3 for quite some time. We have a lot to share with you guys as Oneplus themselves have cleared a number of doubts today. OnePlus 3 To Be Completely Invite Free There will be a…

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Samsung’s 512GB PM971-NVMe SSD – Such Size, Much Wow !

Samsung has unveiled it’s new PM971-NVMe SSD . One special and thing about it is its tiny size. The size is so small, one could hardly think of how Samsung made it work. This is a giant leap considering the current status of SSD’s in the market. SSD sizes are decreasing with respect to time, agreed, but such an exponential decrease in size wasn’t expected. Samsung’s 512GB PM971-NVMe SSD Will Leave You In Awe! The new SSD from Samsung packs 512GB of NAND storage on a chip that is smaller…

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Samsung Gear Fit2 ‘Manual’ Pictures Surfaced

Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2 By the looks of the situation, Samsung wants to stomp the “Android wear” market. The company has already posted press renders of  the unannounced Samsung Gear Fit2. Now, pictures of the manual have been surfaced on Samsung’s site itself. It’s a bit amusing as Samsung is not holding even a single bit back considering that they gave out all the so much information on their upcoming wearable. Gear Fit has noticeable overhaul and sports better specifications under selected tabs. GPS is one of the highly sought features…

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Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME GAMING Picture Surface

Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME GAMING The time has come ladies and gentlemen. We finally have a picture for the upcoming Gigabyte GTX 1080 XTREME GAMING Graphics Card.  The Card, at first glance, has some noticeable changes. The looks are somewhat different from the typical Windforce cards we were used to. The card features 3-fans, with the middle one being pushed behind the two outer fans.  Accommodation of a three fans  configuration along with the new design is achieved. The illuminated ‘X’ in the middle is a nice touch and is yet…

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GTX 1080 India Pricing And Availability Revealed

GTX 1080 India Pricing And Availability Revealed Nvidia has been teasing the new generation of graphics card from a long time now, under the name of ‘Pascal’. But this time around, Nvidia has geared up to push out the Pascals faster than before. GTX 1080 India pricing And availability has been revealed. Although, Pricing for the GTX 1070 is yet to be announced.  The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 “Founders Edition” will be available in India on May 27 for INR 63,250. It will initially be available from Asus, Zotac, MSI…

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AMD Zen To Deliver Twice The Performance Of An FX 8350

AMD Zen To Deliver Double The Performance Of FX 8350 Rumours surrounding AMD’s much anticipated Zen architecture have been making rounds for a while. Recently, AMD has revealed that an upcoming Zen processor will have double the performance of the FX 8350. If this is true, the new processor will then compete head to head with Intel’s 5960X Extreme Edtion.Also, Images of AMD’s “Summit” die has been revealed. Summit will be the basis of the next generation high performance FX Zen CPUs. Leaks regarding the launch of AMD Zen surfaced many a…

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MSI Launches Its New X99A And Z170 Titanium Motherboards

MSI Launches Its New X99 And Z170 Titanium Motherboards MSI have consistently been one of the crowd favorites when it comes to enthusiast grade products. And, to spice things even more this time, they’ve revealed their new X99A X-POWER GAMING TITANIUM and Z170A M-POWER GAMING TITANIUM Motherboards to the general public.  So what do these new boards promise? According to MSI, these new boards will feature exclusive MSI components, ranging from the Mystic Light extension RGB cable and a pin header that will allow gamers to decorate their rigs with…

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