Upcoming Games of 2018 to Look Forward to : PlayStation 4

With Christmas and New Year around the corner , everyone is celebrating the festive spirit. Well this time our favourite video game developers got us the best present ever . Yes , 2018 is bringing us a few of the most anticipated and amusing games ever released. PlayStation 4 has become everyone’s treasured platform due to the list of exclusives being delivered by Sony . So those of you who received a PS4 / PS4 Pro for Christmas , well you are in luck . From sequels that we are dying…

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Sony Releases New Cinematic Trailer for The Last of Us : Part 2

Good news travels fast and thus by now most of you have already seen the much anticipated cinematic trailer for The Last of Us : Part II . Naughty Dog kept us on the edge , brushing past E3 as well as Gamescom , making us wait a little longer . Finally at Paris Games Week last night , Sony gave us the pleasure. This new trailer however sets an entire new scenario with a gruesome interaction between never before seen characters. We see a woman being dragged away and…

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Gamescom 2017 : A Brushing Up of What Awed and What Flawed

Just when you thought your stomach was full from E3 ‘s major announcements this June,  Germany’s Gamescom comes forth with a much bigger and varied platter. It might not have the flagship reveals of E3, but all the major games makers are here with plenty to show off.  From playing demos of upcoming games , everyone roaming around in costumes as well as cosplay events taking place, Gamescom never fails to impress , even in terms of public attendance . About Gamescom Gamescom started in 2009 and is held annually…

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E3 is what every gamer looks forward to year after year and 2017 brought forth a mix of emotions. Gamers were expecting big reveals and they weren’t disappointed. On top of that, nostalgia hit us good with the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Metroid Prime 4. So let’s have a brief flashback of this year’s E3 showcase. Starting off with Microsoft, they delivered their best conference to date with the reveal of Project Scorpio.The Xbox One X, titled as the world’s most powerful console, is also the…

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Sony XZ Premium and its Juice-pack Comparison


  Sony’s recent track record in its smartphone division have not been a good one. While there has been going on advancement in smartphones technology every day, Sony has always been keen to stand out of the line in this category. And that is the reason Sony is pushing the boundaries in smartphone display technology with its new Xperia XZ Premium. The beast is packed with a 5.5-inch 4K display, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, and 64GB of storage as standard. Design The Xperia XZ Premium looks a lot like…

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No Man’s Sky Center Reached in Two Days by Persistent Player

Following the adventures of Reddit user daymeeuhn, we travel to the center of the universe of No Man’s Sky .  Getting there is the central goal of the game. Center of the Universe of No Man’s Sky Reached in Two Days by Early Player A player who managed to get the upcoming space-adventure game before the release date, reached the center of the universe in less than a week of constant playing. The procedurally-generated indie game from Hello Games is touted as a “near-infinte” universe. With only 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in the entire universe to explore,…

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PlayStation VR Needs Almost the Same Space as HTC Vive

PlayStation VR

Playstation VR may not do a room-scale experience, but quite a lot of room is needed for it’s usage. Sony has revealed the space needed for using the PlayStation VR headset and the kind of room needed must be quite spacious. Though Sony has stated most PSVR games will be playable from a seated positon, some games will track movements. According to a new PSVR product pamphlet, the PSVR needs almost the same amount of space the HTC Vive uses. Though the console-powered PSVR will not have 360 degree room-scale tracking. The PSVR’s…

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Sony Xperia XA Ultra to launch next week

Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Sony Xperia XA Ultra to come Next Week Sony Xperia XA ultra which is the upgraded model of  Xperia XA’s   will be launched on Monday July 25th as  confirmed by SONY. Most interistingly The display of this device is powered by Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 2 technology. Xperia XA Ultra is to feature a 6-inch Full HD display Which is larger than Xperia XA’s.  This device is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) processor, paired with 3GB RAM and Mali GPU. The handset includes 16GB of inbuilt storage, which…

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Playstation Neo Confirmed By AMD – TechARX

Playstation Neo Confirmed ! Words about a new console from Playstation is already reaching ears. Although, no one would guarantee its legitimacy, until today. Playstation Neo confirmed by AMD, well not officially but certainly some of the factors recently surfacing over the internet clearly points at a new chip by AMD. AMD disclosed it’s growth strategy at their “Investor Day” event. AMD’s preparations for the disclosed focal points are in full swing. For Example – AMD sealed the deal with THATIC, the Chinese government-owned investment fund – which will see their…

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