June 14, 2024
PlayStation VR

Playstation VR may not do a room-scale experience, but quite a lot of room is needed for it’s usage. Sony has revealed the space needed for using the PlayStation VR headset and the kind of room needed must be quite spacious.

 PlayStation VR

Though Sony has stated most PSVR games will be playable from a seated positon, some games will track movements. According to a new PSVR product pamphlet, the PSVR needs almost the same amount of space the HTC Vive uses. Though the console-powered PSVR will not have 360 degree room-scale tracking.

The PSVR’s required play area dimensions call for 1.9m (6.2ft) of width and 3.0m (9.8ft) length, with the height being determined how high up you set the required PlayStation Camera. The HTC Vive’s minimum room-scale play area calls for at least 2 m x 1.5 m (6 ft 6 in x 5 ft) of free space, with some games requiring even more room. The biggest difference is one of these VR headsets does room-scale VR and the other doesn’t.

The pamphlet cites as follows :

“Limit your use of PS VR to within the Play Area. The height of the Play Area depends on the range captured by the camera. Clear an area larger than the Play Area of all obstacles before using PS VR and remain seated whenever possible. If an application requires you to stand while wearing the VR headset, follow the application instructions carefully, and maintain awareness of your surroundings,”

 PlayStation VR

The HTC Vive doesn’t require space-clearing for sitting/standing usage. So how the PSVR will use it’s motion tracking for such experiences definitely peaks our curiousity.

Although Sony’s PSVR is actually capable of movement-tracking with the wireless PS Move controllers being registered by the PS Camera, don’t expect room-scale experiences. Popular Science notes that the tracking is extremely limited and the play area is rather small.

The article also reads:

“The PlayStation Camera sees your movement and allows you to walk throughout the field based on where you walk in real life. The catch: it’s only in a tiny area. Taking three steps in any direction translated to traversing in the game. Though once the PlayStation Camera mounted in front of the television lost sight of me and the PS VR headset, and a dialogue box reminded me to go back in range.”

 PlayStation VR


We are definitely surprised that the requirements for the PSVR is as high as it is. Though we still wonder if the play area dimensions are only required for movement-based VR games and not sitting games. Remember that the PlayStation Camera tracks the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller as well as the PS Move controllers, so this space could be required for seated play after all.

Sony’s PSVR launches on October 13 in two different price points: the $399 headset-only SKU, and the $499 bundle that includes the required PS Camera and PS Move controllers.

Here’s a quick spec sheet for the PSVR:

  • 5.7-inch OLED display with true R, G and B sub pixels per pixel
  • 1080p resolution
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • Low latency under 18ms
  • Positional tracking with 9 LEDs
  • 360 degree head-tracking
  • 3D audio
  • 100-degree field of view
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope for motion sensing


Source: Tweaktown