February 28, 2024

Spiders Studio unveils a new RPG game set on the planet of Mars, named The Technomancer.

Technomancer 01

 The Technomancer, is a very intense, action, RPG video game for the Sony PlayStation 4 platform. It all starts at the capital of Abundance, the Ophir, which arised from the early human settlements at the Orphir Chasma.

Technomancer 02

The word “Technomancers” means powerful warriors with supernatural electronic powers implanted in their body. Player playing as a Technomancer can use their supernatural electronic powers, in order to buff the character’s HP up or attack their targets, dealing great damage to the monsters loitering the Red Planet. The game supports different play-styles of different gamers, enabling them to switch between ranged attacks, such as guns; and to melee attacks  such as using blades and fists.

Technomancer 03

The electrical power of the Technomancer can be combined with the weapon they are using, to boost up the damage dealt to the enemy. Upgrading to different skills/perks/talents, give the player, the freedom to customize their attacks according to their play-style. This is going to be one of the biggest Role Playing game on PS4, which is scheduled to get released on 21st June 2016.