No Man’s Sky Center Reached in Two Days by Persistent Player

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Using Atlus Stones, Travelling Becomes Easy in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky center mediate “Okay, let me explain this as simply as I can. Atlas Stones are one of the green trade items you can loot to sell to the galactic market. Every time you go to a certain place (pretty easy to find) you get one. They sell for a TON of units. I’m talking like ten times more than anything in the game. And they’re dirt simple and free to get. “

symbolize v gel price “It’s completely trivialized units (currency) for me. And at the same location are TWO free Warp Fuels. So you can just immediately bone out to the next system, find the next spot with these free things, rinse repeat. I dunno why they chose to do this, but it seems really weird.” revitalize “The free Fuel doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the units gained by the Stones. The pacing was going okay until I ran in to the [Atlus Stones] and then it just skewed everything for me. Here, I’ll give you hard numbers – I was selling stacks of rare resources for 20-30K. Uncommon ones maybe 5-10k. Atlas Stones sell for 275K…”

According to the user daymeeuhn, Atlus Stones are too easy to get – betnesol injection price guide  “[You’re in] absolutely no danger at all to get them, requires zero effort, no enemies possible in sight, you could be eating a sandwich while you do it.”  

Atlus Stones are a product of a conscious decision form the developers, says daymeeuhn, they are not glitches, exploits or bugs. They may be nerfed severely in the Day One update. But if you somehow get an early copy of the game, without paying $1250 of-course, then you’ll get a totally different experience of No Man’s Sky.

They [Atlus Stones] are a conscious decision on the developer’s part, says daymeeuhn

No Man's Sky center “The Atlas Stone thing is not an ‘exploit.’ I was careful to word this so as to not spoil some stuff surrounding it, but please stop insinuating as if I found some game breaking cheat/exploit and abused it. This is NOTHING of the sort. The location of the Stones/Fuel is VERY specific, it’s a VERY important location / theme in the game, none of this is by chance and they clearly meant to make it special. I said I PERSONALLY disagree with the design choice, but it’s there for now and it is what it is.”

This is only the beginning of what we know about No Man’s Sky. With the gigantic amount of information leaked, daymeeuhn is creating a very different image of the game from what we expected. Whatever pivotal information of the game comes out next, we’ll be here to cover it. In the meantime, you can check daymeeuhn’s profile for everything he has shared.

We suggest you wait till the reviews are out before buying the game.

No Man’s Sky launches on August 9 on PS4 and August 12 on PC.