July 22, 2024
OnePlus 2

OnePlus : The Flagship Killers

OnePlus 3
Alleged Pictures Of The Upcoming OnePlus 3

OnePlus Stormed the smartphone industry with its debut, Oneplus one. Oneplus has gained a good reputation compared to its competitors, thanks to the mouthwatering Price/Performance ratio offered by them. With every new announcement, expectation with Oneplus raises a bar. Words were buzzing about the third installment of Oneplus smartphones a.k.a Oneplus 3 for quite some time. We have a lot to share with you guys as Oneplus themselves have cleared a number of doubts today.

OnePlus 3 To Be Completely Invite Free

There will be a new twist in the buying process of OnePlus 3. The company has decided to debar the existing process i.e the infamous invite system. People will be able to buy OnePlus 3 without an invite. This is a great move by OnePlus, the decision will open new doors for the company. OnePlus can finally cope up with the demand/supply flow in the market.

What about the Specification Buzz? We gathered loose ends from time to time and the compiled result lo0ks promising.  Quick Charge and VOOC are some of the spotlight bearers currently. OnePlus has been developing its own Dash Charge technology, there will be major changes in the design too for various reason ,which is yet to be seen. As for the Flagship variant, words are that the phone will feature 6GB of ram which is quite amazing. It is to be seen how OnePlus would manage the power section to compliment such a huge memory.

There is a possibility that the upcoming handset will feature a 16MP rear shooter with a wide aperture. There is also a very high probability that rear camera lens will be wider than the value of the aperture of OnePlus 2’s lens, which featured a F/2.0 aperture. But do expect some cool features like, slo-mo videos, 4K recording, in-depth manual control over the camera. We don’t have words for the storage yet, but it’s about least people should worry about. OnePlus has never skimped on Storage.

OnePlus 3 To Be Announced On June 14

According to the information taken from OnePlus forums, the following has been stated about the company’s painful invite system:


I know there have been a lot of rumors and leaks. By now, most of you are aware that the OnePlus 3 will be out soon. However, we’re extremely excited about one key piece of news that we’ve managed to keep a secret:

We’re releasing the OnePlus 3 invite-free, right from launch day. In addition, invites are gone forever from future OnePlus product launches.

The invite system has a special place in our history. When we first started out, our team was incredibly small. We had no idea what the demand of the OnePlus One would look like. We also weren’t fans of flash sales, where there’s a risk of everything selling out immediately, forcing fans to wait indefinitely. To address this, we designed the invite system to give customers a chance to purchase a phone as soon as we had inventory ready.

The demand for the OnePlus One was much higher than expected. Some got into a frenzy hunting for invites, while others have complained continuously and loudly ever since. Regardless though, the invite system allowed us to scale our operations and manage our risks to help us grow more sustainably.

With the OnePlus 3, we’re officially saying goodbye to invites. It’s a big step for us as a company, our fans, and fellow tech enthusiasts. After sending out millions of invites over the past two years, it’s hard to not think back to the early days and how far we’ve come. We’re proud to have reached a point where we feel confident in making our new device available without invites from day one.”

OnePlus 2

Launch Schedule for OnePlus 3 are as follows:

  • 12.30 PM EDT (New York)
  • 9.30 AM PDT (San Francisco)
  • 4.30 PM UTC/GMT
  • 5.30 PM BST (London)
  • 6.30 PM CEST (Paris)
  • 10.00 PM IST (Bengaluru)


What are your thoughts on OnePlus 3? Do you think OnePlus would be able to snag the titles this time around ? Let us know in the comments !

Source: wccftech