April 18, 2024

MSI Launches Its New X99 And Z170 Titanium Motherboards

MSI have consistently been one of the crowd favorites when it comes to enthusiast grade products. And, to spice things even more this time, they’ve revealed their new X99A X-POWER GAMING TITANIUM and Z170A M-POWER GAMING TITANIUM Motherboards to the general public.  So what do these new boards promise?unnamed-5

According to MSI, these new boards will feature exclusive MSI components, ranging from the Mystic Light extension RGB cable and a pin header that will allow gamers to decorate their rigs with additional RGB LED lighting solutions, simultaneously taking control over the colors and LED effects, all controlled by a single app.

MSI X99A X-Power Gaming Titanium & Z170A M-Power Gaming Titanium : Can They Surpass Their Counterparts ? 

MSI have a number of tricks to enhance the capabilities of their motherboards. One of them, the patented  “Turbo Socket”, will be sported by these motherboards off-the-box. It will be available with 2036 CPU pins in order to achieve better CPU and memory overclocking. As for the extent of network connectivity, users can either use hard-wire connection or can opt for a wireless connection instead, thanks to the incorporation of a built-in Intel Wi-Fi adapter.MSI X99

It seems like there’s been no compromise to the Storage section of these motherboards. With the inclusion of Turbo U.2, these motherboards will be compatible with the latest, top of the line SSDs available in the market, supporting NVMe, with transfer speeds up to a whopping 2400 MB/s using a single drive.

Aesthetically, both motherboards look stunning with the predominant white board face, embellished with periodic black accents. The M.2 steel armor pops out to provide a brief peek into the rugged facia that is quite commonly attributed to these motherboards. The shield also ensures the safety of the boards as it’s capable enough to repel any EMI interference. These new gaming motherboards also support SSD types up to 22110, providing PCI-E Gen3 x4 32Gb/s bandwidth with NVMe support as well.X99A X-POWER GAMING TITANIUM

As for Memory, MSI have bundled their proprietary OC Engine & OC Optimizer tools in the box, for higher overclocking results while adding more convenience for the human element. The inclusion of USB-C is also a welcome factor, which would be compatible with cellphones and tablets sporting next-generation connectivity ports. Also, DDR4 Boost would allow overclockers to increase the frequency of their RAM modules significantly, reportedly up to DDR4-3466 on X99 and up to DDR4-3866 on Z170. Sweet, innit ? More news regarding MSI X99A will surface soon.unnamed-3

As I’ve said before, the aesthetics of these two boards is understandably remarkable, yet still remains true to MSI lineage. With these, MSI ensure that the boards can hold up to 10 kg of dead weight, the sturdiness really required as the weight of certain coolers can  sometimes be  a tad bit too hefty.

What are your thoughts on these motherboards? Do you think MSI have hit the perfect nail this time around ? Let us know in the comments.