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PRESS RELEASE Keeping up with the traditions, Asus brought out a lot of goodies this CES! Among them, two of the most exciting products are(motherboards of course!): ROG ZENITH EXTREME ALPHA AND RAMPAGE VI EXTREME OMEGA The AMD X399 and Intel X299 chipsets harness the copious cores and bandwidth available in high-end desktop processors to provide next-level performance to power users, content creators, and prosumers who want the very best in their builds. They both refreshed around the same time to add faster Threadripper and Core X-series CPUs along with…

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ASUS updates a number of AM4/Ryzen motherboards with AGESA 1071 for upcoming CPU’s

ASUS updates a number of  Ryzen motherboards with AGESA 1071 At the time of Ryzen release, AMD promised a long life for the AM4 platform by offering future CPU support. This ensured a healthy upgrade cycle for its users, unlike the boys in blue. There were rumors of a new AGESA update coming in the forums promising some new features and added stability. Now we know that the new AGESA is indeed real and it adds support for upcoming future Ryzen CPUs on the AM4 platform, like the Raven Ridge APUs…

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TechARX Tech Report: Asus X99-A II

Ever since its release back on August 29, 2014, the Haswell-E microarchitecture has maintained it’s place among the top. And to keep up with the processor development, ASUS has bolstered their X-99 chipset arsenal considerably to keep with the demand of the enthusiast crowd. Today we take a look at their newest iteration of the tried and tested (and previously reviewed) X-99 A, the X-99-A II. Product Showcase The X99-A II motherboard does not shy away from its lineage. It still maintains it’s Black and White color scheme but the new…

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AMD Zen To Deliver Twice The Performance Of An FX 8350

AMD Zen To Deliver Double The Performance Of FX 8350 Rumours surrounding AMD’s much anticipated Zen architecture have been making rounds for a while. Recently, AMD has revealed that an upcoming Zen processor will have double the performance of the FX 8350. If this is true, the new processor will then compete head to head with Intel’s 5960X Extreme Edtion.Also, Images of AMD’s “Summit” die has been revealed. Summit will be the basis of the next generation high performance FX Zen CPUs. Leaks regarding the launch of AMD Zen surfaced many a…

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MSI Launches Its New X99A And Z170 Titanium Motherboards

MSI Launches Its New X99 And Z170 Titanium Motherboards MSI have consistently been one of the crowd favorites when it comes to enthusiast grade products. And, to spice things even more this time, they’ve revealed their new X99A X-POWER GAMING TITANIUM and Z170A M-POWER GAMING TITANIUM Motherboards to the general public.  So what do these new boards promise? According to MSI, these new boards will feature exclusive MSI components, ranging from the Mystic Light extension RGB cable and a pin header that will allow gamers to decorate their rigs with…

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Motherboard Buying Guide – TechARX

Motherboard Buying Guide So what is a motherboard? And what role does a motherboard play in a Computer? Don’t worry. All your questions will be answered in this article. There is something special about “Motherboard Buying Guide” by TechARX. In this article, we will talk about all the important factors which should be taken care of when it comes to purchasing a motherboard for your build. A motherboard is a very important component which should be given utmost importance. The way your components communicates with each other and the efficiency…

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Playstation Neo Confirmed By AMD – TechARX

Playstation Neo Confirmed ! Words about a new console from Playstation is already reaching ears. Although, no one would guarantee its legitimacy, until today. Playstation Neo confirmed by AMD, well not officially but certainly some of the factors recently surfacing over the internet clearly points at a new chip by AMD. AMD disclosed it’s growth strategy at their “Investor Day” event. AMD’s preparations for the disclosed focal points are in full swing. For Example – AMD sealed the deal with THATIC, the Chinese government-owned investment fund – which will see their…

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TechArx Build Guide: Best Gaming Build For ‘1080P Gaming Under’ 70K

 Who is this build for?  This build guide is focused towards the gamers who want to play all the recent games in 1080P and 60fps on Medium to High settings. The parts in this build is chosen such that the gamers get bang for their buck. All the parts are listed below with their short description. The links and pricing of each product will be provided below itself.   ANTEC GX 200 : GX200 comes with up to three 120mm fans. One standard fan has already been mounted at the…

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GIGABYTE X99-Gaming 5P and X99-UD4P Review: Attack of the ‘P’s

Of all the motherboard manufacturers who came out with their boards with the launch of Intel’s HEDT Haswell-E platform, GIGABYTE has arguably been the busiest. Armed with an expansive lineup of boards that covers almost all market segments, the intention of now the world’s largest motherboard vendor (in terms of units shipped) is clear: they want to dominate every section that X99/Haswell-E has to cater to. Now, ten months after its release of initial range of boards, we are seeing GIGABYTE launch five new motherboards under a range dubbed the…

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