May 18, 2024
TechArx Build Guide: Second Edition

Looking to build a gaming desktop that won’t kill your wallet? We’re here to help! Out second ₹ 90,000 TechArx build guide is here to help you build your next PC!


We heard a few complaints about our choice of components, and we plan to do good on the variety of hardware available for purchase. Here it is, the second TechArx Build Guide for a ₹ 90,000 Desktop.




TechArx Build Gude: Motherboard

The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard features all the requisites that you may need in your continued fragging, racing, fighting or any other gaming activity you’ll perform. Adding to that the support for both CrossFire and SLI allows for decent future expansion capabilities. The cost doesn’t hurt, either.

COST: ₹ 9,800



AMD FX 8320 8 core processor


TechArx Build Guide: CPU


We chose the AMD FX-8320 because its performance delta is not really that huge compared to the 8350, and considering it’s an AMD build, I guess it was only obvious we’d use and AMD processor.

COST: ₹ 12,350



Kingston FURY Memory – 8GB Module – DDR3 1600MHz CL10 DIMM x2 (16 GB)

TechArx Build Guide: Memory

We chose 16 GB of RAM over 8 GB because 8 is steadily becoming the minimum requirement for most games (and more often than not for all the bad reasons).

COST: ₹ 5,780




TechArx Build Guide: Video Card

We chose the Sapphire Nitro lineup for out R9 380 because Sapphire is traditionally known to make some of the best AMD Radeon AIBs in the market. That, and it is cheaper than most of the competition, leaving us room to invest more heavily in enclosures.

COST: ₹ 22,900




Cooler Master HAF XB EVO


TechArx Build Guide: Chassis

The reason the HAF XB EVO was chosen is CM’s well-known reliability and product quality. This particular case has an extra advantage: it’s designed as a cube-shaped chassis, especially for those who plan to either use it as a test bench or lug it around to LAN parties.

COST: ₹ 9,900



OPTIONAL: Thermal Paste

Arctic Silver 5 3.5g syringe

TechArx Build Guide: CPU Cooling Solutions

COST: ₹ 950




BenQ GW 2470

TechArx Build Guide: Monitor


COST: ₹ 10,900



CORSAIR CSM Series CS750M 750W

TechArx Build Guide: Power Supply


COST: ₹ 8,499



Seasonic M12II-750 EVO M12II Series 750W

TechArx Build Guide: Alternate Power Supply

COST: ₹ 8,750


After much deliberation, we decided to provide two alternatives for the choice of power supply units so you, the buyer, can decide which one to choose. Both are excellent products, too, and very comparable in price.


Keyboard + Mouse

Cooler Master Devastator Gaming Gear Combo


TechArx Build Guide: KB+M


COST: ₹ 2,990



Seagate Barracuda 2TB

TechArx Build Guide: Storage


Oh, storage, my storage! This is the one thing that you can’t have enough of, what with games casually hitting 40+ GBs in install size. Having a high-cap storage device is as important as having a fast video card these days.

COST: ₹ 5,775


This was our second edition of the ₹ 90,000 gaming build, featuring an all-AMD hardware setup. Look out for more news, reviews and more builds with the TechArx Build Guide.

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: ₹ 89844 – ₹ 90095.

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  1. i would buy 380x and DEEPCOOL DUKASE or spec 3 or tt n versa 21 🙂

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