Entry Level Gaming PC guide for 2017

where to buy nolvadex serm buy modafinil from usa With the release of the RX and GTX 10 series of GPU’s from AMD and Nvidia, and also the release of the Kaby Lake Pentiums it’s a great time to be a PC gamer. Gone are the days when you had to fork astronomical sums on the tower itself to just barely get the games running. Today’s we aim to take advantage of this generation of GPU’s to bring to you guys a PC that can not only match the performance of the PS4 and Xbox 1 now but also sometimes…

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TechArx Build Guide : ₹ 90,000 Build: AMD Edition

TechArx Build Guide: Second Edition

Looking to build a gaming desktop that won’t kill your wallet? We’re here to help! Out second ₹ 90,000 TechArx build guide is here to help you build your next PC!   We heard a few complaints about our choice of components, and we plan to do good on the variety of hardware available for purchase. Here it is, the second TechArx Build Guide for a ₹ 90,000 Desktop. Motherboard   MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard   The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard features all the requisites that you may need in your continued…

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