RX 480 Nitro Surfaces, AMD To Fix PCI-E Power Draw Issue

Sapphire RX 480 Nitro Is Here: Sapphire has become the first company to officially list a custom RX 480 for sale. Overclockers UK has listed the Sapphire RX 480 Nitro for pre-order. The manufacturer has given out a set of  pictures which show us the look of the card. Apart from the fancy backplate, there are two features that are quite intriguing. First, the button that can reportedly switch the LED illumination from temperature to GPU load mode. It should also be able to switch the illumination off completely. Second, is the…

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TechArx Build Guide : ₹ 90,000 Build: AMD Edition

TechArx Build Guide: Second Edition

Looking to build a gaming desktop that won’t kill your wallet? We’re here to help! Out second ₹ 90,000 TechArx build guide is here to help you build your next PC!   We heard a few complaints about our choice of components, and we plan to do good on the variety of hardware available for purchase. Here it is, the second TechArx Build Guide for a ₹ 90,000 Desktop. Motherboard   MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard   The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard features all the requisites that you may need in your continued…

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