September 26, 2023
GTX 1080 SLI - TechARX

 The GTX 1080 will not support more than 2-way SLI

Nvidia launched two GPUs this month, GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. These GPUs created a lot of hype because of the attractive pricing. In all this glamour, many failed to notice that there were no 3-way SLI bridges during the presentation. This leads to the real bummer, The GTX 1080 will not support more than 2-way SLI.

 The GTX 1080 will not support more than 2-way SLI - TechARXYesterday, on EVGA forum, a customer created a thread where he inquired about the absence of 3-way SLI bridge. In the reply, EVGA confirmed that the GTX 1080 will not support any higher than 2-way SLI configurations.

EVGATech_ChrisB, a member of EVGA Tech support and a moderator of the EVGA Forums quoted :

We can confirm that 1080 cards only support up to 2-way SLI and anything above this will not work, no matter the SLI bridge.  

Please however keep in mind that if you do use the new SLI bridge along with two 1080 cards, then it gives more performance than 2-way SLI did in the past on previous series.

3-way SLI is rare but not non-existent. There is a market for such Multi-GPU configurations. This decision made by Nvidia is certainly to raise some eyebrows.

From Nvidia’s point of view, this was important as it was not worth their investment in creating SLI profiles and drivers for such an unused configuration. Nvidia has not spoken on this topic, yet.

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