Rocket League Collector’s Edition Available For Pre Order In India

If you haven’t played Rocket League by now, you might want to consider picking up the collectors edition of this brilliant game. Coming to all leading retailers, both online and offline, this new edition will include all the fun and fervour of the base game, plus cars and content found in the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC packs. It’ll also have four brand new vehicles debuting in the retail version. And if you are from India, you will be able to grab it from Gamestheshop, one…

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Witcher DLC Arriving to Rocket League

Rocket League

As the brilliant and rightfully popular indie sensation receives its much-awaited basketball mode with NBA flags that ensure quintuple times the enjoyability, its developer Psyonix recently announced the arrival of a Witcher-inspired Rocket League DLC that will be released next week. The aforementioned DLC will add an antenna inspired by Geralt of Rivia’s Witcher medallion from the critically acclaimed series of the same name. Psyonix stated that many of its employees are huge fans of the Witcher series, resulting in talks between Psyonix and the Witcher series’ developers CD Projekt…

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Microsoft to finally implement crossplay

After months of assumptions, rumours and a failed attempt, Microsoft, the operating system and console giant is finally implementing cross play between Xbox one and PC. That means, now PC players and console players can finally play games together through their respective platforms. That is not all, the company has also said that they would allow crossplay between “other consoles.” That esentially means that they are also offering SONY, their long time rival in console business to join hands with them and make this “Revolution” to happen. To elaborate it…

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