July 14, 2024
Rocket League

As the brilliant and rightfully popular indie sensation receives its much-awaited basketball mode with NBA flags that ensure quintuple times the enjoyability, its developer Psyonix recently announced the arrival of a Witcher-inspired Rocket League DLC that will be released next week. The aforementioned DLC will add an antenna inspired by Geralt of Rivia’s Witcher medallion from the critically acclaimed series of the same name.

Psyonix stated that many of its employees are huge fans of the Witcher series, resulting in talks between Psyonix and the Witcher series’ developers CD Projekt Red which began last year and have solidified only recently.

“We thought it was an apt choice in anticipation of their upcoming Blood and Wine expansion,” the developer studio stated in as statement on its website. “So we talked with the awesome developers at CD Projekt Red to see if Geralt of Rivia’s iconic Witcher Medallion could make its way into Rocket League,” stated Psyonix. “We found the feeling was mutual.”

Witcher medallion inspired antenna as a Rocket League DLC
The antenna in action

The above picture showcases the antenna in all it’s Witcher-esque glory, but news as to how this antenna will be made available is yet to be heard.

The basketball mode of this primarily soccer-based game has been dubbed Hoops, and will be released on the 26th of April across all platforms.

In addition to this, the PC gamers can now access Rocket League for free via steam.