April 15, 2024

The first game to implement crossplay: Rocket league

After months of assumptions, rumours and a failed attempt, Microsoft, the operating system and console giant is finally implementing cross play between Xbox one and PC. That means, now PC players and console players can finally play games together through their respective platforms. That is not all, the company has also said that they would allow crossplay between “other consoles.” That esentially means that they are also offering SONY, their long time rival in console business to join hands with them and make this “Revolution” to happen.

Microsoft and Sony
The rivals finally shaking hands for something great ?

To elaborate it a bit more, games, if the developers choose to support the function can enable the game to interact with every platform on which the game plays on.Mind you, no native solution has ever been there before this.


The first game to ever use this functionality would be “Rocket League” which will allow you to play with your friends on whatever platform they are at.

The first game to implement crossplay: Rocket league
The first game to implement crossplay: Rocket league


Right now, it only supports PC and XBOX One but the invitation is open to Playstation 4 and SONY also if they want to implement it too.


If this becomes successful, the whole gaming scene might just change and the ever growing community should become even bigger.