Asus ROG GTX 10-Series Gaming Laptops Unveiled

Asus Rog

A brand new series of gaming laptops have been unveiled from Asus Rog. These new laptops are running NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10-series graphics cards. These laptops are top-of-the-line tech with NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards powering them. Among these, the sizable 18-inch GX800 laptop takes the lead with it’s 4K display and Geforce GTX 1080 in SLI. Because you can always have double your graphics computing hardware. Asus ROG GX800 The leader of the laptop series, ASUS ROG GX800, containing  the massive 18-inch 4K display also has NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. Other primary…

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Get Ready for ROG MASTERS – Asia’s Biggest eSports Tournament

Rog masters

ASUS Republic of Gamers’ newest branch, ROG MASTERS, is setting up Asia’s biggest eSports event. You can be a part of it too by participating in the upcoming qualifiers. Registrations for ROG MASTERS Regional Qualifiers are Live from 15th August to 4th September Electronic sports in particular, competitive video games have now peaked in the Asian scene, with China and Korea taking leads. In this fertile opportunity, ROG MASTERS is setting up an eSports tournament of unprecedented magnitude. Dota 2 and CS:GO are the featuring games of this tournament. Eager teams from…

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ASUS ROG GX800 – World’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop with Liquid-Cooled Solution

ASUS ROG GX800 is an upgraded version of the company’s GX700, featuring even more powerful specifications and of course that removable watercooling solution that will help you get the most of your overclocking activities.   ASUS ROG GX800 Sports A Dual-GPU Setup And A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Making It The Fastest Gaming Laptop In The World Unveiling powerful gaming laptops is definitely a Computex thing, and with ASUS ROG GX800, you will finally be able to bring desktop level performance to gaming notebooks, but that will require some serious cash.…

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AMD 400 Series GPUs To Launch At Computex – TechARX

AMD 400 Series GPUs To Launch At Computex Yesterday, we reported about the leaks regarding the specs and performance of Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 chips. Today, we found out about various sources who claim about AMD 400 Series GPUs To Launch At Computex. Yes, you heard it right. Long awaited Polaris 10 will show its true colours on the stage of Computex this year. Expectations with Polaris rose a bar more after Nvidia’s event where they unveiled the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. Price to Performance ratio of these…

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Motherboard Buying Guide – TechARX

Motherboard buying guide

Motherboard Buying Guide So what is a motherboard? And what role does a motherboard play in a Computer? Don’t worry. All your questions will be answered in this article. There is something special about “Motherboard Buying Guide” by TechARX. In this article, we will talk about all the important factors which should be taken care of when it comes to purchasing a motherboard for your build. A motherboard is a very important component which should be given utmost importance. The way your components communicates with each other and the efficiency…

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Maximus VIII Formula

We heard the rumors! we saw a few ‘leaks’ here and there. And now we have the official confirmation from Asus. Coming with an water-block fitted out of the box Asus finally announced the Maximus VIII Formula along with some amazing features thrown in! Maximus VIII Formula is an ATX gaming motherboard equipped with an LGA1151 socket for the latest 6th-generation Intel Core processor and DDR4 memory.On the sound side of the board we have a new SupremeFX 2015 used in the Maximus VIII Extreme with an ESS ES9023P digital-to-analog converter (DAC), along with…

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ASUS ROG GR8 Review : A ‘GR8’ Gaming SFF PC?

We have been discussing the recent trend of Small Form Factor (SFF) or Ultra-Compact Form Factor (UCFF) PCs and their subsequent rise in the market during our last couple of system reviews. But when you shrink the size, the first compromise that comes is in terms of hardware. Often, low end parts are just what they are – low end. That means performance leaves much to be desired and expandability is nonexistent. With the progress on lithographic process for processor manufacturing at least, some of those issues are being tackled…

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Sica and Whetstone Review

  The logo employed by the Republic of Gamers, that of a Red Eye is often synonymous with products that exude quality and are a “tad” bit pricey. Originally limited to Motherboards and GPU’s, Republic of Gamers as a brand has since expanded into the world of gaming peripherals. We took a look at their mid-end offering in the mouse department, the Claw and the Goliathus slayer, Glide here. Their entry level mouse, the Sica, was unveiled at CES 2015 as part of their new lineup of mice: The Spatha and the…

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ASUS Rampage V Extreme Review

In my previous X99 motherboard review, I pondered upon the slow but steady distinction that Intel introduced between its consumer and enthusiast platforms – the gap being most evident in their recent generation of processors. No matter how you look at it, investing in a platform such as Haswell-E is a pricey affair. The entry level chip retails for almost INR 30K, and DDR4 memory prices are off the roof at the present moment. Adding these up, there is very little incentive for a user to opt for a pricey…

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