May 25, 2024
Rog masters

ASUS Republic of Gamers’ newest branch, ROG MASTERS, is setting up Asia’s biggest eSports event. You can be a part of it too by participating in the upcoming qualifiers.

Registrations for ROG MASTERS Regional Qualifiers are Live from 15th August to 4th September

Electronic sports in particular, competitive video games have now peaked in the Asian scene, with China and Korea taking leads. In this fertile opportunity, ROG MASTERS is setting up an eSports tournament of unprecedented magnitude.

Dota 2 and CS:GO are the featuring games of this tournament. Eager teams from all across Asia can come to represent their region in hopes of to be the best of the best. The main event will feature in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the dates,  November  the 12th and 13th. But to get there, firstly you must pave your way through the regional qualifiers.

Game Registration Qualifiers Regions Prize Money
Dota 2 15th Aug – 4th Sep Sep-Oct OCE, EA, SEA, CN, ROA 150,000 USD
CS:GO 15th Aug- 4th Sep Sep-Oct OCE, EA, SEA, CN, ROA 50,000 USD

These qualifiers will take place online and you can register for them now through the following link.

This initiative from ROG MASTERS aims to uncover the potential talent in the Asian Dota 2 and CS:GO scenes and give them the much needed spotlight. The regional qualifiers will give the chance to shine. There is also mention of live broadcasting of the most substantial matches. Of course, the main event will be a set of offline matches taking place in an arena. Though we are unable to pinpoint the exact location of the final event, it will certainly have it’s unveiling soon.

If you’ve been looking for the grand chance to participate in an official Dota 2 or CS:GO tournament and have the skills to back you up, then this is your golden opportunity.

Do visit the ROG MASTERS on Facebook and Twitter.

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