The SEA Dota 2 Metagame Post-TI6 And MPGL 8

           Mineski Pro Gaming League (or MPGL,in short) Season 8 has just concluded, and the entertainment could not have been any better. Spanning 3 days, from Group Stage matchups to the Main Event on September 10-11th, SEA Dota 2 has been relentless. Four direct invitees (Fnatic,MVP.Phoenix,White Fries Gaming,Ehome.Keen) and 6 teams that fought their way through the qualifiers, locked horns for a first place prize of 30,000 USD. Matches being evenly spread out across a series of one-offs, to Best of 3’s,  the eventual Grand Final…

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Get Ready for ROG MASTERS – Asia’s Biggest eSports Tournament

Rog masters

ASUS Republic of Gamers’ newest branch, ROG MASTERS, is setting up Asia’s biggest eSports event. You can be a part of it too by participating in the upcoming qualifiers. Registrations for ROG MASTERS Regional Qualifiers are Live from 15th August to 4th September Electronic sports in particular, competitive video games have now peaked in the Asian scene, with China and Korea taking leads. In this fertile opportunity, ROG MASTERS is setting up an eSports tournament of unprecedented magnitude. Dota 2 and CS:GO are the featuring games of this tournament. Eager teams from…

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Top 5 Online Free to Play PC Games Right Now

With so many games, ranging from expensive AAA titles to small indie titles, at the hand, PC gamers have a hard time selecting which game to focus on and which not to. The one section, that often go unnoticed when talking about PC games in general, is the online free to play games, which ironically caters to the lion-share of the pc gamers. There are innumerable free games available on PC, but with that comes both good and bad. Instead of wasting hours on half-baked indie projects, or some sugar-coated pay-to-wins, we,…

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