July 13, 2024

Ant Esports, a leading brand in Gaming & IT hardware, proudly announces the launch of its latest products aimed at revolutionizing the Simulation Racing Experience (SIM) in India. The Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and RC200 Racing Cockpit are designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned SIM racers, fostering the growth of the SIM racing culture in the country.

Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel: A New Dimension in Racing Simulation

The GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel is a testament to Ant Esports commitment to delivering world-class quality products at an affordable price point. Featuring a 270-degree lock-to-lock rotation for a realistic driving experience, ergonomic design, and customizable controls, the GW180 brings the thrill of the racetrack to gaming enthusiasts. The compatibility with Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox ensures a versatile and seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms.

Ant Esports RC200 Racing Cockpit: Elevating Your SIM Racing Setup

The RC200 Racing Cockpit takes SIM racing to new heights with its carbon steel construction, adjustable bucket seat, and customizable wheel and pedal mounting. The frame’s versatile adjustability, ranging from length to reclining angle, caters to users of various heights and preferences. The inclusion of protective pads underneath the frame underscores Ant Esports attention to detail, ensuring both stability and floor protection.

Speaking about the launch of the new products, Mr. Harish G, Product Manager, Ant Esports said, “At Ant Esports, our mission is to democratize the SIM racing experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the excitement of virtual racing without breaking the bank. The GW180 Racing Wheel and RC200 Racing Cockpit are a testament to our dedication at providing top-notch products at affordable prices, empowering gamers to unleash their full potential in the exhilarating world of SIM racing.”

Ant Esports invites gamers and racing enthusiasts alike to embark on this exciting journey, as the GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and RC200 Racing Cockpit redefine the standards for immersive and accessible SIM racing in India.


The Ant Esports GW180 Corsa Racing Wheel and Pedal set along with the Ant Esports RC200 Racing Cockpit are available immediately from the Ant Esports nationwide network of authorized retailers and distributors, as well as direct from the Ant Esports official website and major E-Commerce websites.

The products are backed by a one-year warranty and the Ant Esports nationwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of all the products please refer to the Ant Esports website or contact your local Ant Esports sales or PR representative.

About Ant Esports

Ant Esports is a leading brand in the Gaming & IT hardware industry, committed to delivering high-quality products that enhance the gaming experience. With a focus on affordability and innovation, Ant Esports aims to make gaming accessible to a broader audience. For more information, visit https://antesports.com