November 30, 2023

Apart from the update of Obsidian 750 case, Corsair brought out a host of updates a new addition to their CPU and GPU cooling lineup.

First up is an addition to their AIO lineup : H110i GTX

H110i_GTX_02the H110i GTX is the new addition to the 280MM AIO lineup. It features a new generation, high-efficiency cooling block with a new look, including Titanium-colored logo inserts on the block and radiator.


An optional kit with both red and blue inserts will be sold separately.H110i_GTX_13





On the GPU side Corsair updated their HG10 series of brackets adding support for GTX 900 series.

HG10 N980 Box Shot

The HG 10 now supports GTX 970,GTX 980,GTX Titan X and GTX 980Ti.

HG10 N970 Box Shot

Stay tuned for more news form Computex!