20-Series GeForce RTX cards officially unveiled by NVIDIA


http://hogansfastsale.co/this-expert-tells-us-where-never-to-buy-property/ buy nuvigil and provigil After an ample amount of leaks, NVIDIA reveals it’s RTX family finally. I was not that surprised as we got to see the specifications beforehand, from different OEMs. But, this turing family is, I might quote, impressive. NVIDIA claims that these futuristic cards which deliver ray-tracing capabilities to gamers. Also, in real time. Which will, in turn, help gamers to enjoy more realistic scenes with proper shadow depth and lighting. The RTX 2080 Ti is no doubt the leader of this family. Having a whopping amount of  4,352 CUDA cores,…

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NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 is all set to hit the ramp | AIBs presenting their solutions | Expected by September ’18


NVIDIA is all set to remove their curtains off their newest GTX and RTX 20 series, which they claim to deliver breakthrough performance. Meanwhile, not keeping the customers wait some of the AIB partners have already teased some of the liquid cooled 20 series cards. Displayed only at a handful of outlets, NVIDIA’s one of the trusted AIB Colorful has already had their lineup of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. The AIB teased their new iGame series of liquid cooled cards at selected outlets. The card at the top…

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9th Gen CoffeeLake CPUs leaked to have 8-cores, 16 Threads


The previous week we got to know from a leak that Intel is planning a refresh over there 8th Generation CoffeeLake processors with the 9th Generation. It implied from the beginning that it won’t be of a significant change, at least when it comes to core architecture. Today we came up with a new update that’s been flooding over the internet. We believed that only the Core i5-9600K would suffer the lack of HyperThreading but the scenario has changed somehow to this. Intel will launch these processors instead: Core i9-9900K with…

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Gigabyte shows us the AORUS X399 Extreme motherboard at Computex 2018

GIGABYTE unveiled their AORUS x399 Extreme motherboard at Computex 2018 for the TR4 platform. This very motherboard can handle up to all the 32 cores of the Gen 2 Ryzen Threadripper CPU. AORUS X399 Extreme motherboard specs and closeup images. The X399 Extreme motherboard features the gigantic TR4 socket paired by 8 DIMM slots. It has a auxiliary 8-pin connection on the top. We can also find an ESS Saber Hi Fi DAC which is equally tested for AORUS motherboards. The I/O segment is also noticeable. We have here 8…

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AMD teams up with Cooler Master for a new air cooling solution | Wraith Ripper

AMD thermal engineering team and Cooler Master teamed up and made an air cooling solution for 2nd Generation Threadripper. They have named it as Wraith Ripper and it’s arriving along with the refresh by Q3 2018. Wraith Ripper has impressed quite a number of people at Computex 2018. The new cooler feature 14 heat-pipes and customizable RGB illumination and will be based on the TR4 platform. The cooler being decently silent at 39dba at full fan speed. That’s pretty impressive considering cooling a 32-core 64-thread CPU drawing 250 Watts of…

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Corsair’s Crystal 280X earned a good attraction | Check what it is all about

We were not that much inclined towards Corsair’s Crystal 280X chassis in some forums earlier. The pictures and informations there were not enough to judge this case. Corsair showcased the case at Computex 2018, and it seems to turn around gold. Looks simple and compact and there it starts! It’s a glass-RGB box, rather we’d say. This case has tempered class on it’s top, side and front. Available in either black or white, this case comes with RGB fans and controller for 160 USD or without for 110 USD. The…

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Possibly an answer to Intel, AMD comes up with a 32-Core processor

We can imagine as the answer to Intel’s 28-core desktop processor has arrived. AMD came up with the new variant of ThreadRipper 2, this time with 32-cores and 64-threads. This will be based on the 12nm Zen+ architecture. We expect a lot of enhancements from the processors like higher clocks and reduced memory latency. We get to have here four dies This processor has an MCM which is well distributed and connected within to hold eight cores via InfinityFabric. It is found that here we get four Zeppelin die rather…

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Intel shows off their new 28 cores 56 threads processor | Might be a part of the CascadeLake-X flagship

Intel just showed off their newest most extreme high-end desktop processor having 28-cores. Intel didn’t disclose much rather than a Cinebench report that did not reveal much. They are planning it’s launch by Q4 2018. The new 28-core beast  washes off every other HEDT processor. This new processor will be based on Xeon Platinum die which is quite awhile in the market. It’ll be released by Q4 2018 for X299 platform. It is possible that we can witness a new line up of motherboards for this platform, offering features like…

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Ambrane India has announced their newest 10,000mAh power bank at an attractive price

Ambrane India announces its newest 10000mAh PP10 Plush Series Power Bank with Digital Charging Display, priced for MRP 2499/-      Modern and stylish looks along with a digital charging display BIS Certified, Made In India & Made for India Adding another powerbank to the Plush series, Ambrane India one of the leading IT brands in computer peripherals, Mobile Accessories and no. 1 in Power Banks announces the launch of its newest 10000mAh, PP10 Power Bank, Good Looks blended with superior functionality enhancing every experience. Priced at MRP 2499/- the power bank’s high power capacity 10000mAh is great for charging multiple devices, especially considering…

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