July 21, 2024

Intel kaby lake release is still months away but that doesn’t stop the rumors and leaks from creeping in. The last rumor however, is the best of the lot so far and it includes overclocked results for the Core i7 7700K and Core i5 7600K.

Core i7 7700K overclocked to 6.7GHz under LN2


First one comes courtesy of HKEPC from Hong Kong. The upcoming OCre i7 7700K has been overclocked on 100-series motherboard, with it hitting 6.7GHz thanks to LN2 cooling. The stock 4.2/4.5GHz clocks for base and boost makes the 7700K fastest Kaby Lake processor yet.


Here the resident overclocker of HKEPC (Mr John Lam in all probability) used an Asorck Z170M OC Formula and Galaxy HOF DDR4 ram. The multiplier was upped to 67X along wit no change to the Bclk. Voltages are unknown but we are expecting it to be high since its LN2.

Core i5 7600K overclocked to 5.1GHz on air

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Core i5 7600K overclocked on air. This information comes through user facebookHK who overclocked the Core i5 7600k to a respectable 5.1GHz on air. A Maximus VIII Gene motherboard from Asus(a bios flash was needed). The multiplier was upped to 40X and the bclk was adjusted to 127.5MHz to achieve this result. Vcore was set to 1.55v.

intel has used its 14nm manufacturing node to make the Core i7 7700K, with a 8MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 91W. Price of 7700K is speculated at around 350USD. The Core i5 7600K, on the other hand comes with 6MB of L3 cache and same 91W TDP with price being speculated at around 250USD.

Model Name Number of Cores TDP Clock Speed L3 Cache
Core i7-7700K 4 cores, 8 threads 91W 4.2 Base Clock
4.4 Boost Clock
Core i5-7600K 4 cores, 4 threads 91W 3.8 Base Clock
4.0 Boost Clock