July 12, 2024

Commuters in India face a lot of challenges. Hunting down the cheapest fares , getting the correct schedules and finding out the shortest routes to their destination are just some of the few troubles an Indian commuter goes through every day.

zophop is an app that is designed to help out the daily commuter.

What Is zophop ?

zophop is your one-stop app for faster, smarter and cheaper travel. You can search for all public transport modes – bus, train, metro, monorail, and available cab services in your city ,and uses a simple interface for ease of use.

The “Check-In” feature gives you a live location and time of your bus or train. You can also see the real-time movement on a map under Live Trips in the Near You section.

Once you “Check-In” you also get an estimated time of arrival(ETA) to your destination, next stop updates with voice alerts. You can also share this with your friends and family , so no more “Are you here yet ?”.

Who needs zophop ?

Day-to-day public commuters for work, school/college,and mostly everyone who rely on public transport.

Why zophop:

1. Checking information before the travel – bus timing, train schedule, platform/bus stop location, fares

2. zophop can display bus and train locations in real time.

3. zophop can find out which route will be the fastest and the most cost efficient.

Key features:

1. Near you – You can find the bus stop, train stations, or even Uber and Ola Cab near you. When you click on the bus/train icons you get the most immediate departure details on the same screen.

2. Take me somewhere – You can simply enter your destination by address or the name and it returns you a combination of public transport options optimized for cost and time.

3. Check schedules – You can see the train/bus/others schedule on the app. It will get your entire route, with live timings, if available.

4. Check in –  This crowdsourcing initiative lets you share the status of the bus or train that you are on with other users. More interactive and real-time information will certainly provide better visibility on what is happening on your route. Also your inputs will be shared with other commuters who are waiting for the bus or train on the coming stations. The more people use this feature the better information everyone gets.

5. Crowdsourcing – zophop has real-time information of over 50 buses in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai area.

Grab it on Google Play now !