Stardew Valley gets exciting upgrades

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s sole creator ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone has been reasonably busy these past few months, following the success of his indie title. The indie sensation has revealed that his Harvest Moon-styled game will soon be getting some exciting changes. One of these changes is the introduction of cooperative multiplayer, something that fans have wanted all along. Although the designing maestro has been known for being a one man army, he has agreed to let the publishers ChuckleFish take the reins and handle some of the more fastidious programming duties. In…

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I want to be a human. Was it worth it ?

Indies are a trend now. Every small developer with limited production value can work on an Indie title and make it big. So today, we take a look at the newest Indie title to enter our gaming dungeon titled “I want to be a human”. Developed by Sinclair Strange and published by Rising Star games, “I want to be a human” is a side-scrolling and action-shooter-platformer hybrid with pixelated gore, dark humour, tons of things going on in the background added with flashing lights and a beautifully crafted soundtrack by…

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Above And Beyond, Unveils “The Fragmented”

A famous indie game developer Above And Beyond reveals their plans for a new survival Co-Op game, The Fragmented. The devs are ready to make the game enter the Steam market. The Fragmented has it’s own Steam App page but the download is disabled for now, until the game is ready to be called “Early Access”. Stranded in a hostile alien world, you must fight to survive. Hunt, harvest, craft, advance skills, and build using local resources along with technology from your voyage. Join others online or play offline in…

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