July 12, 2024

When it comes to security, Mac has a great reputation with its built-in features and Apple’s tight grip. But you cannot be too confident because no platform is completely safe from attack. The risk gets just bigger as hackers are coming up with sophisticated ideas to violate the security of machines and networks. Ransomware is a growing problem that users have to deal with. Fortunately, some measures can help you protect your Mac from an attack.

Understand the perils of ransomware first

Before knowing how to deal with ransomware, you need to understand how it works. As the name implies, ransomware takes your system hostage and seeks a ransom for its safe return. You may have to transfer cash via a transfer service or pay with cryptocurrencies to restore access to the computer. Some unscrupulous hackers wouldn’t give back the access even after getting the payment. It makes sense to stay protected by avoiding activities that open up the risk in the first place.

Avoid pirated software

If you want to protect your Mac from ransomware, avoiding pirated software can keep you safe. No matter how good something seems, steer clear of software that does not come from a credible source. Even if a friend or acquaintance offers you something to download for free, don’t fall for the temptation because it can cost you a lot eventually. Piracy poses a massive threat of infecting your system with malware.

Be extra cautious online

Apart from pirated software, just about any executable file can be a threat. You need to be cautious when downloading and installing software from the internet. Also, it makes sense to check your Mac for malware regularly if you are habitual to browsing and downloading applications. With Apple devices, you have the benefit of Gatekeeper, which favors the App Store and verified apps from certified Apple Developers.

Consider anti-malware software

Although Mac users can manage without antivirus software, it is always good to go the extra mile with the security of your computer. Apple excels at built-in security as its invisible malware scanner, XProtect, constantly runs in the background and scrutinizes everything you do. But having anti-malware software installed in your system gives you an extra layer of security for the system and you feel more confident about identifying and countering potential threats.

Have a solid backup plan

Despite the best built-in security and precautions in place, attacks may still happen. Backups are an important part of your Mac’s ransomware protection plan. Time Machine enables you to back up to an external drive. A remote internet back up gives you extra coverage if the computer and Time Machine drive are compromised. When using a cloud-based backup solution, pick a one that provides versioning, so that you may roll back to the unencrypted versions of files if a disaster occurs.

Ransomware attacks aren’t common with Macs but being conscious against invisible threats is the best thing to do. Implementing these steps will cover you and give you peace of mind about being safe.