December 1, 2023

The word on the internet says that Nvidia as added Telemetry to the latest version of their driver’s which is seen as a privacy breach by many. Especially after Nvidia added a mandatory account requirement for Geforce Experience last month.

According to Majorgeeks, the nature of data sent is not yet identified. However, according to user reports the volume of data sent is not very big hence might be not concerning.

The folks over there also detailed a method to disable the telemetry services through Microsoft Autoruns .



From Majorgeeks

  • Type nvidia in the filter box.
  • You will find Telemetry in the Task Scheduler section and the nVIDIA Wireless Controller, and ShadowPlay services further down under the registry entries.
  • Uncheck what you don’t want, close and reboot. If you get an error, close the program and right click on Autoruns.exe or Autoruns64.exe and “Run as Administrator.”

Nvidia till now has not replied to any of the inquiries. However, we can make an informed guess that this information will be used for future optimization and development of Geforce apps and drivers.

We will update as soon as we get any more information