July 14, 2024

The upcoming action game to the anime and manga title, Attack on Titan’s developer Koei Tecmo revealed the multiplayer mode for the game which will allow 4 players to play together.

The game’s scout mode will allow players to search and recruit up to 3 players to join them on the venture outside the walls together. The team will start at a camp allowing them to customize their gear and prepare for the fight followed by the selection of the mission to be attempted by the team leader. The settings seem to vary between locations like Forest of Giant Trees, Stohess District, and the Ruined Town. Fans of the series will remember Stohess District as the one where the female titan wrecked a lot of stuff up.

The Attack on Titan game is scheduled to release on PC(only on Steam), Playstation & Xbox platforms on August 30. The game is being developed by Omega Force which has created games based on spin-offs of anime and manga alike. Their most recent and famous one was One Piece: Pirate Warriors.

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Attack on Titan is based on a manga by Hajime Isayama which was later adapted into an anime earning many accolades by viewers worldwide. AoT is being released in Europe titled as “Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom”. The game’s storyline is set during the first season of the anime and retells key moments from the anime that aired in 2013. AoT is one of the most famous anime to be released in Japan, so much so that it got a live action movie which relied heavily on CG for a theatrical release, which sadly did not live up to the expectations of the fanbase and turned out to be a box office disaster. Here’s hoping for a better video game adaptation for the series.