July 13, 2024

Sapphire has been resorting to teases as no certain date for the launch of the Sapphire RX 480 NITRO has yet been announced by them. This leaves us with our only hopes taking refuge in PowerColor and XFX’s camps. Hopefully, both the board partners are soon going to affirm an official date for the launch of their respective cards but their’s none to be heard so far, except from PowerColor whose Powercolor RX 480 Devil’s pictures are now available on the internet.

The PowerColor RX 480 Devil features a Gothic-al backplate with an esoteric touch to it. The top of the card sports a trio of dual shrouded fans with a PowerColor Devil logo at the centre of each. All in all, the card looks like an excellent find for those who’re on the lookout to give their rigs an eerie and arcane touch. As for the specifications, the PowerColor RX 480 Devil is rumored to be cranking at stock speeds of 1366 MHz with an astoundingly fast 1400 MHz boost clock. A gigantic leap from the reference clock speeds, cards which even struggled to hit 1350 MHz. If these specifications are precise, it would be a patent reflector of the fact that the Polaris cards are indeed splendid overclockers as AMD claimed.

RX 480 devil backplate

Powercolor RX 480 devil


The RX 480 Devil will also be equipped with an external 8 pin PCIe power connector which is an essential for the overclocking needs of the consumer. This should allow overclockers with enough headroom to crank their RX 480s to the maximum speeds possible coupled with the stellar cooler that the RX 480 Devil already boasts of. In addition to this, the GPU also comes with a DVI-D connector among the already present 3X Display Port and 1x HDMI 2.0 connections.

However, considering how high the boost clock is, I’d advise the readers to take these specifications with a pinch of salt until official word by PowerColor on the specs is out.

AMD RX 480 4GB AMD RX 480 8GB Powercolor RX 480 Devil
Architecture Polaris 10 Polaris 10 Polaris 10
Core Clock speed 1120MHz 1120MHz 1366MHz
Boost Clock Speed 1266MHz 1266MHz 1400MHz
Stream Processors 2304 2304 2304
Memory Capacity 4GB 8GB 8GB
Memory Clock 7000MHz 8000MHz 8000MHz
Backplate No No Yes
Power Connectors  1x 6-pin 1x 6-pin 1x 8-pin