July 23, 2024

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter game offering an intuitive experience, which, together pin up casino with the challenging gameplay, has contributed to its popularity. The complex game mechanics make the game more exciting and challenging at the same time. If you are a beginner, you may have a hard time winning against more experienced players. However, you don’t necessarily have to let this ruin your gameplay. If you follow certain basic tips and learn the game quickly, you can enjoy a higher win rate.

Tips that you should absolutely know

As you move through the game and gain more experience, you would naturally get better at it. Over time, you would learn various tactics from other players or even devise your own. However, here are five basic tips that would help you stay alive and play well even as a beginner:

  • Learn the game modes

Rainbow Six Siege offers three different game modes: Secure Area, Bomb, and Hostage. You must understand each of these game modes well. After all, even if you have played plenty of FPS games already, every game is different, and you need some time to get yourself familiar with it. Only when you have a thorough understanding of the game modes and their objectives can you play efficiently and win.

You might feel tempted to play the Bomb mode, as it looks challenging and interesting. However, this mode involves strategies and calls for excellent skills. For beginners, it is best to start with the Secure Area mode. Eventually, you can proceed to the Hostage mode and finally try your hand at Bomb mode.

  • Use the sounds to your advantage

In Rainbow Six Siege, sound effects play an important role, going beyond just making the gameplay more enjoyable. This is a highly realistic game where sound travels around just as it does in real life. This implies that your enemies can easily hear you coming if you aren’t careful enough. Similarly, you could use the sounds to your advantage to detect enemy movements nearby.

Here, sound can travel through corridors, walls, and floors, which implies that following them could give you a tactical advantage. You would want to move around as silently as possible to prevent others from catching you off-guard. Keeping your noises low would also help you catch sounds from other players more easily.

3. Try out hacks and cheats

Like most of the top multiplayer games of this genre, hacks and cheats are available for this one too. Using these could give you an upper hand, putting you at par with far more experienced players. Look for undetected Rainbow Six Siege Hacks, as detection could lead to a ban on your account. The top providers of game cheats come up with techniques that allow gamers to use these cheats safely.

The hacks offer a variety of perks, helping you play better in multiple ways. For instance, the aimbot would allow you to shoot with great accuracy, taking out stronger foes easily. On the other hand, the wallhack could help you detect enemies hiding behind walls and other obstacles. Hence, you would be able to implement a suitable tactic to ambush and take out each enemy.

4. Understand the game mechanics and strategize

Unlike many other FPS games, Rainbow Six Siege isn’t all about running into fights and gunning down every enemy you can. This is, in fact, one of the quickest ways to get yourself killed. You would have to pay attention to every detail and plan all your moves strategically. Due to the extremely realistic gameplay, even small mistakes could result in huge losses.

You also need a thorough understanding of the game mechanics. Rainbow Six Siege is more detailed and complex than most FPS games, so you may need some time. For instance, the maps are not only dynamic and multi-level but also destructible. You could use these mechanics to your advantage to take out hidden enemies or to keep yourself safe.

5. Take a cautious approach

In a game like this, caution is the key to staying alive. Whenever you enter a room or a hall, make sure to check out every corner. This would help you ensure that no enemy is waiting to ambush you. If you are playing as a defender, it also makes sense to place barricades to deny your enemies access to certain parts of the map. Try to limit their options in as many ways as possible while being careful not to barricade yourself by accident.


You might also want to roam around the map to explore and learn the layout well. For sure, this might initially cause you to get killed faster. However, building your knowledge of the maps would help you make better strategies and outsmart your opponents.

These tips should help you stay alive for longer and sharpen your skills while maintaining a consistently high win rate.