July 22, 2024

The gaming industry is currently at its peak. We are seeing breath-taking gameplays, revolutionizing graphics, and to top that all off, researchers are searching for ways to increase the overall experience even more. Huge amounts of money are being invested in 3D technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. They are set to become the future of gaming, and we are extremely excited to see where the next few years will lead us.

Until then, we must work with what we have and be satisfied with the games that are being published right now. There are plenty of them which will leave you in awe, and there are some of them that might bring you some rewards. We decided to give you our top 3 entertaining games to play this summer while we wait for some new releases.

Casino Games at Sites Like Royal Panda Casino

Gambling games online have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. People started going online to enjoy the best casino games for several reasons. First, these sites are extremely safe to play at. They are also far more rewarding than the land-based casinos and offer full anonymity to all registered players. 

There’s one more advantage on this list for people from India. Instead of travelling to the provinces where gambling is legal, Indian people can enjoy these games from the comfort of their home. Online gambling falls under the law’s grey area and even though as a location, India has restricted access, all of those problems are solved by using a VPN.

Our top pick in this section is Royal Panda Casino. This site has the best casino games, and they are created by some of the world’s top-rated game providers. If you wish to learn more about this casino, its bonuses, etc., feel free to read this Royal Panda Casino review. If you want to play simple online casino card games without money involved, you can try playing freecell or poker to practice your gaming strategy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

For the fans of one of the biggest sagas in history, comes the best game ever made in this franchise. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a revolutionizing game that managed to overcome all cons of the previous Star Wars games. The game revolves around Cal (the main protagonist) and his quest to stay alive after the Jedi Purge. Unfortunately, he cannot stay hidden forever as his destiny calls him to help all the Force-sensitive children that could be recruited by the Empire. 

This game has it all; tremendous action, terrific storyline, breathtaking graphics, and we get to learn a lot more about the Star Wars galaxy, its planets, and all the beings living in it. Jedi: Fallen Order had a much bigger success than anticipated and it’s worth checking out.

Need for Speed: Heat

If you are more into high-speed police chases, breaking the law, and illegal races, then Need for Speed: Heat is the top choice for you. Heat managed to exceed the gamers’ expectations by a milestone. In a few of the previous instalments, EA was heavily criticized for their lack of innovation and the number of microtransactions which made it impossible for the gamers to enjoy the racing games. 

All of that changed with Need for Speed: Heat. The microtransactions have been cancelled and the game has the old charisma. This game has both day and night mode where you race for various rewards.

Other Games that We Are Looking Forward To

Other games that are worth a mention are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remake, Apex Legends, and Resident Evil 2. We also wanted to mention that a demo for Resident Evil 3 has been released and it’s worth checking out.