July 13, 2024

Space exploration is and has always been a subject of wonder and fascination for all of mankind. This profound love has given us some masterpieces and Beyond Dark, an upcoming space-set strategy game looks like a masterpiece in the making. The game has an interesting concept and boasts of having the “world’s largest in-game universe” with millions of planets to visit and explore. Each of the galaxies featured in the game will have their own unique history, defined by the thousand of players that have “fought and allied in the race for survival and domination”.
Apart from the gigantic size of its world, Beyond Dark features a world that operates in real-time and players get to set plans in motion and watch them unfold within minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months. The player could choose a war-torn path to inter-planetary glory with epic battles and colossal fleets or entertain diplomacy and trade, maintaining a peaceful yet powerful empire.

Gameplay Features

  • Gigantic universe with millions of explorable planets, sure to keep you engaged for a countless number of hours. The massive world of Beyond Dark offers tens of thousands of star systems, ensuring infinite exploration possibilities and the immersion of thousands of players at any certain time. The ability to command over hundreds os ships simply adds to the fun.
  • Immersive empire-building experience promises a certain depth of immersion. Players get to explore this vast galaxy and uncover new secrets, discover new systems and hidden technology.


  • Another key gameplay feature is the ability to fully drown yourselves in the unique civilization building process, with the ability to research unique technology, design your own ships, find resource rich planets, mine materials, keep your colonists happy, scout for resources, upgrade your buildings, build military bases, use stealth to bypass opponents, collect taxes and build wealth.
  • Attack enemy factions to show the world who’s the boss and build an immense military state, crush enemies with force, intercept trade ships, design ships to outgun your enemy, ambush enemy fleets, analyze epic battles between fleets, improve your technology and strategy, construct colossal ships, gain enemy resources, capture ships and clone enemy technology, train soldiers, scan for enemy life on planets.

  • As mentioned earlier, diplomacy will be the key to success in this game as you ally with other players, establish and protect trade routes, intimidate or befriend other civilizations, build immense hoards of wealth, share intelligence, technology and resources, fight proxy wars, trade favours, coerce other players to fight one another and become a master tactician,

Once a civilization is established, the things needed to keep them safe are design and build battleships, install planetary defences, defend freighter ships, lay minefields in space, intercept invading fleets, create epic fleets, create armies, defend trade routes, create thorough radar coverage, protect planets from ground assaults.

  • Perhaps the most exciting part of the process is the ship building and organisation process in which you design and build ships that travel fast for scouting, create colossal cargo freighters, install different modules to enhance range, radar, capacity and capabilities, install different weapons, engines and shield modules, build fleets of motherships and fighters, watch epic fleet battles, replay battles later.
  • At the core of all this, Beyond Dark is a strategy game, in which you need to strategise to rule them all. The strategy demands that you:
    • Spend on Science
    • Choose what to research
    • Ally or War
    • Use stealth
    • Surround and siege enemy planets
    • Feed, tax and grow your population
    • Make the right trade-offs to win or gain the resources to do everything
    • Discover new technologies
    • Expand fast or consolidate your position
    • Trick enemies
    • Steal and Share Secrets
    • Build immense defences
    • Design efficient ships


  • So far, the game sounds like it packs a bunch but along with all of these, the inclusion of the following extraterrestrial technology makes it all the more exciting:
    • Terraformers
    • Repair ships in space
    • Capital Ships that enhance fleets
    • Espionage
    • Life Sensors
    • Minesweepers
    • Ships that generate happiness
    • Scoop resources from space dust
    • Stealth Hulls
    • Wormhole generators


The beta for this beautiful game is out and you  could get your hands on it here.

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