July 15, 2024



Currently the rom is in beta state and it is officially announced by Xiaomi after the launch of MI5.

As Mi5 Comes with Marshmallow preinstalled on top of MIUI V7.2 , so there is a hope for a Global Marshmallow rom for all Xiaomi Devices in near future. As for now Xiaomi released Global Beta of Marshmallow for Mi3,Mi4,Mi Note in certain case is more of a stable rom on top of MIUI V6.3 .


How to upgrade to MIUI global beta ROM based on Android M?
1) If you are using MIUI global beta ROM now, go to ‘Updater’ app on your phone and check for updates. If you’re on older versions before MIUI 5.12.17, you will firstly update to 5.12.17, check for updates again and reboot, you will upgrade to MIUI 6.3.17
2) If you are using other versions, please flash via Fastboot. How to flash? Please don’t forget to backup your date and follow the guide here: http://en.miui.com/a-234.html


Download Fastboot files 
Mi 3 / Mi 4 Fastboot: 1082M MD5: e94437bc6c258a62507a863791a71376

Mi Note Fastboot: 1080M MD5: e40c1fbe7956b8957638b02ece645e0c


MIUI Global Beta ROM 6.3.17 Based on Android M Update Highlights
New – Added account lock after flashing phone in Mi Cloud – Find device. Avoid risks of lost phone being used by others (12-22)
New – Permission Manager supports managing permission to create home screen shortcut, and restricting all apps’ access to a specific permission in one press (01-20)
New – Shortcuts to downloads and hidden folders in Explorers (02-16)
New – Device-to-device wireless transfers in Explorer (02-16)
New – Introducing card design for Explorer (02-16)

MIUI Global Beta ROM 6.3.17 Based on Android M Full Changelog
Optimization – Accessibility: Voice-over for SIM 1 and SIM 2, voice-over for keypad (01-11)

Optimization – Send contacts’ name card style (12-25)
Optimization – Optimized starred messages’ text box style (12-25)
Optimization – Supporting syncing part of SIM card messages (12-25)
Fix – When recipients exceeded one line, the upper and lower parts might get cut (12-24)
Fix – Texts in input box could not be seen when sending a message (12-25)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Fix – Sometimes status bar disappeared (12-24)
Fix – Power button menu could not be read out or operated on in Accessibility mode (01-12)
Fix – Viewing Daily lock screens sometimes led to black screen (02-23)
Delete – (For security reasons) “Forgot password” option for lock screen (03-04)

Home screen
Fix – Sometimes daily lockscreen did not work (01-06)
Fix – It asked to change folder name when first open the folder in Mi Space mode after rebooting (01-12)
Fix – Issue with lost Home screen icons after they’ve been successfully restored and device rebooted (01-25)

Optimization – New design for Mi Mover (01-25)
Fix – Interruptions or unsuccessful file transfers in Mi Mover in some cases (03-01)

Permissions Manager
New – Manage permission to create home screen shortcut. Restrict all apps’ access to a specific permission in one press (01-20)

File Explorer
New – New feature for file transfers between devices. No internet required. (02-16)
New – Added shortcuts to downloads and hidden files in Categories (02-16)
New – Redesigned the layout for storage view to make it more informative (02-16)
Optimization – New redesigned card layout (02-16)

New – Deep clean supports cleaning APK. files (01-05)
New – Deep clean supports managing videos (01-05)
Fix – Errors in calculating sizes of deep clean big files (01-05)

Optimization – Improved performance for status bar (02-23)

Mi Cloud
New – Added account lock after flashing phone in Find device. Avoid risks of lost phone being used by others (12-22)