July 12, 2024

Launching in Computex this week, Asus has a few additions to their ROG laptop lineups for the potential mobile gamers.

First up is the G751JT and G751JY machines which has Intel i7 processors and GTX 980M GPU. With the recent announcements of G Sync in Mobile displays its a no brainer that these updated models will feature a 75Hz’s 1920×1080 panel that supports variable refresh rate

G751 Left Open135 Top
ASUS G751JT/JY Notebook

For the lightweight crowd Asus has the G501. this lineup comes with a 2560×1440 or 3840×2160 resolution displays and will feature Intel Core i7 processors and GTX 960M in 2GB or 4GB variant.

Fondly called as the Macbook Pro of gaming the G501 “features dual independent fans and copper heat sinks to ensure efficient thermal management for smooth and stable performance even at high loads.”

G501_Left Open135 Top
ASUS G501 Notebook

Finally we have the GL552, whihc looks more like a standard gaming rig with an Intel quad core and intel HD graphics or the GTX 950M as GPU options.

Asus GL552


we will bring more on you soon and hopefully a review if a sample is made available!