December 10, 2023
The AMD Radeon Pro Duo is AMD’s fastest graphics card launch to date.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo Specifications Revealed

Official AMD Radeon Pro Duo specifications have been leaked and they are quite astonishing. This card will launch on 26th April but it seems that the press slides are already out on the internet. This card will be the fastest AMD card to date and will cater both gamers and content creators. AMD radeon pro duo specifications have been leaked

Taking A Look At The Leaked Specifications

The Radeon Pro Duo sports two Fiji XT cores (128 compute units), each chip comprising of 4096 shaders that add up to 8192 on the card itself. Each core has 64 raster operation units and 256 texture mapping units while the core clock is maintained up to 1000 MHz. Although, this card is same as Fury series cards in terms of its core clock speeds. It comprises of 128 ROPs and 512 Texture Mapping Units (which delivers 512 GT/s texture fill rates and 128 GP/s Pixel Fill rates) and 16 TFLOPs of 32-bit single precision compute which is currently the highest, comparing to other cards in the market.

The first generation memory is clocked at 500 MHz to deliver 512 GB/s bandwidth. Each GPU comes with 4 GB HBM VRAM that operates along a 4096-bit wide memory interface. Theoretically, applications designed for the workstation specific workloads can harness the 1 TB/s bandwidth off of both the chips (512 GB/s each).

A Behemoth To Look Upon

This card was put forward by AMD as a card for the gamers who create and vice versa. This card performs exceptionally well as compared to NVIDIA GTX Titan X and AMD R9 295X2 . Games like GTA V, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Ashes of the Singularity and Far Cry Primal perform better on Radeon Pro Duo. Do note that the AMD Radeon Pro Duo will have limited shipments and thus, availability will be low since this is a special enthusiast-grade product.

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