July 15, 2024

Another patch and probably the last one The Witcher 3 will ever see:

May 19, 2015. It was the day that after lots of hype and waiting, the world got The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the last of the trilogy that had captivated gamers around the world with amazing storytelling, unforgettable characters and engaging gameplay. The last installment had a lot on its shoulders, it had to deliver and do justice to the previous two, brilliant games. But, not only did it deliver, more than a year and two expansions later, Witcher 3 has surpassed its predecessors and has gone down in gaming history as one the best RPGs ever made.

This would not have been possible, had it not been for the creators, CD Projekt Red’s, unwavering dedication to fixing and improving everything, and by everything I mean, literally, EVERYTHING, that caused even a minor issue in the game. Even when everything ran fine, CDPR released patches that improved and/or refined something or the other in the game.

Blood and Wine, the last expansion with almost 30 hours of content released on 31 May 2016. Geralt’s last adventure could not have been better and even after everything is over and CDPR has delivered on more than what they promised, another patch for the game is in progress.

Last week, CDPR’s Community Leader and Website Coordinator, Marcin Momot took to Twitter and said that they are hard at work to fix the major issues that have been reported after the release of Blood and Wine. He also stated that they are trying to bring it out as soon as possible and no date has been fixed.


This patch may very well be the last thing that Witcher 3 receives.

It is CDPR and their amazing dedication to the craft, that made The Witcher franchise what it is today, from books to our PCs and consoles. It has truly been a memorable journey.

Adiós ! Geralt and thank you, CDPR.

The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine