Witcher 3 is one of the best, most hardware demanding game currently in the market. The game offers extensive visual options. One amazing option in the game is Hairworks that add real-time hair effects on the characters. However, this amazing feature takes a great hit on the performance (some users reported frame-drop to the low 20s). However, according to the reports, the performance drops more when the Hairworks on Geralt or working, it doesn’t imply on the other monsters. Sadly, if you turn this off by default, it will disable the hairworks throughout the game


The beauty of the PC platform lies in the brilliant modding community , and we have a great news for people who want the Hairworks enabled in Witcher 3 but don’t want the performance hit. There’s a small tweak that will help you disable the hairworks on Geralt and will keep it enabled on the rest of the characters. To install it; simply download the file from here, and just unpack the patch.bundle found in MainFile into your installation folder .

For example if Witcher 3 GOG version is installed in drive D , the path would be something like this :

D:\GOGGames\TheWitcher3Hunt\content\patch0\bundles. Just make sure you backup the original patch.bundle. For steam version look inside the steamapps folder .

Enjoy !