June 14, 2024

Tom Clancy’s The Division has successfully survived the entire launch month and with April now here, it’s time to prepare for the first free update, the ” Incursions “.

As per the year one content trailer, the Incursions are promised to be the new end-game activity of Tom Clancy’s The Division, geared towards a squad of four fully co-ordinated players which will reward players with powerful new gear and weapons after completion.

During the 31st March Twitch Community Livestream, the developers released lots of tidbits about the new update. Let’s see what’s all the fuss is about.

Incursions : Gear Sets

Free Update ” Incursions ” details –

  • When at Max level gear no longer has levels and is replaced with gear score. Gear Score indicates your proficiency at the game and boosts your ability in-game, so it acts like a new way of “leveling up”.
  • There are 4 sets that are going to be introduced which are going to be attainable by doing challenges, the actual incursions, dark zone, and buying blueprints. All 4 are specific builds for either marksman, support, etc. The four gear sets are called: Sentry’s Call (Marksmen/Precision); Striker’s Battle Gear (Assault); Path of the Nomad (Solo gameplay and Dark Zone); Technician’s Authority (Electronics/Support). These 4 sets can be obtained from doing all sorts of activities ranging from Incursions to Dark Zone exploration to Crafting with blueprints. And collecting every part of a single set and equipping them will grant the players a special, never seen before talent which the developers are keeping quiet about.
  • Trading in dark zone can be done in the safe zone with your group due to the craziness it might cause if done in actual dark zone. Also if another member of your team you traded with dies in the DZ, their items will be rendered lootable by other players within a 2 hour window.
  • Daily assignments and weekly assignments are coming in with this update. Upon completion, these assignments will give players Phoenix Credits, some division tech, and good rewards in general. There are themes as well which can be dark zone based or even crafting based. Plus you can do assignments and daily missions together and essentially kill two birds with 1 stone.
  • Supply drops are dropped every hour with good loot but random drop locations in the DZ it will be first come first serve. There will be hard enemies(AI) protecting the supply drop. They are also added to your inventory immediately as they are not contaminated.
  • Confirmed while “dead” that the camera is boring. So they will hover over teammates with different angles while waiting for a revive.
  • When doing incursions, the gear scores show next to your teammates names.
  • There is a new “leader” of the LMB that we are sent to surgically remove. Named Captain Perez, also a lot of explosions confirmed.
  • Incursions has two modes, Hard mode is very tough and they recommend you have level 31 to play hard mode. For challenging there will be a required gear score and will be very difficult. The devs said that it’s recommended that you use the new gears set for challenging. There will also be no checkpoints so if your entire team dies you have to start back from the beginning. Matchmaking is available for incursions.
  • The incursions are extremely team oriented. According to the developers, it would be beyond difficult to run whatever you want and think you can beat the incursion.
  • Incursions rewards can give new high-end weapons and gear sets.
  • Every time you complete an incursion, you will get a good reward. But completing the incursion for the first time in every week, will grant you a better reward than usual.
  • There are more incursions in the future and they will have different mechanics and the developers have played them so stay tuned for that in the later future. The Incursion at Columbus Circle is already being planned.
  • The new gear is not going to make the current gear obsolete they will all depend on your preference.
  • Enemies can now employ drones, aerial enemies that will be tricky to hit. You’ll also be pitted against an armored personnel carrier, which acts as a boss and is impervious to bullets, forcing you to find another way to deal with it.
  • All of the features above will be activated with the update and it will be released on April 12th.

Incursions : Drones
Again, with a livestream and a prompt press release to boot, Ubisoft Massive hasn’t left any space to being unsatisfied. I cannot wait to get my hands on the content Ubisoft is planning to release with this update and I’m totally psyched and hyped up for the incursions and those sweet, sweet loots.

As said earlier, the update will go live on April 12 and it will be available on both the consoles and on Steam and Uplay. Players will not require a Season Pass to enjoy this content.

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