September 26, 2023

Taste of Power is a real-time strategy game set in medieval times, that follows an alternate historical timeline.

Anyone familiar with the Age of Empire games will be instantly at home with the gameplay loop of Taste of Power. Those of you who are new to the genre, Real-Time Strategy or RTS games require you to issue orders to your units, expand your empire by conquest as well as trade, and manage the economy.

Taste of Power has all the mechanics that you can expect from the genre but focuses mainly on the warfare aspects. Each of the 3 factions has unique units and abilities such as formations that give it an edge in battle, but are just as easily countered by utilizing proper tactics. Each controllable unit has a fairly large number of individual models that give it a nice sense of scale.

Controls are standard, you click to select units, you can group them together and then issue orders again by again clicking. However, while engaging in combat there’s a slight issue of clipping and units at the back being idle, which can hamper immersion.

The economy side of the game is easily managed, as all you need to do is create the appropriate buildings and then assign workers, who will then automate the job of collecting resources.

There’s a large variety of buildings to create, from the humble houses that increase population cap to the mighty barracks that allow you to create units.

As I already mentioned, the three factions have a huge variety to them as well as unique tactics and abilities. For example, European troops can form different defensive formations, like Phalanx or spear walls, and summon powerful Crusaders. Middle Eastern warriors can on the other hand use Elephants to crush their opponents and Molotov flinging chariots. The final faction, Chinese heroes can use high tech abilities such as smokescreens and poison grenades.

Visually, the game is pretty and has a decent amount of visual effects but is hampered by simple animations and weird visual bugs.



Taste of Power is a nostalgic and fun RTS game that is unfortunately plagued by quite a few issues. It might be worth picking up for lovers of the RTS genre, especially in a discount but the game needs a lot of polish before it can attract the more hardcore fans.


  • A good amount of variety in units.
  • The huge sense of scale in battles.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • A large number of possible tactics to employ.


  • Bugs.
  • Animation issues.
  • AI needs to improved.