March 26, 2023

Stuck within the four walls of your home and feeling bored? The current lockdown can be a golden opportunity for you to explore your passion and turn this into a positive experience. This is the time to pursue your hobby that was left behind due to everyday hustle. If you wanted to start your own YouTube channel, a personal vlog, or create an engaging DIY video then, now is the time!

For a video to have a great impact, it is important to have great audio. Sennheiser’s Memory Mic is one such product that will help you in making great video sound incredibly easy. It can be used with a free smartphone app and is incredibly easy to use. Simply attach the mic to your collar or wherever convenient and record the video with your smartphone.

It works at any distance from the mobile phone so you can be free to compose things the way you want or even move as you capture your video. One-touch audio/video synchronization ensures that the sound stays perfectly in sync with the picture.

Four simple ideas for video blogging

“Just talk” videos: Video blogs are like diary entries, only in video format. In this type of video, you will simply talk about your everyday life. This is very interesting for friends or relatives who live far away but may also be intriguing for a wider audience.

Interviews: If you don’t want to be alone in front of the camera ask a family member to speak about a topic together with you.

How-Tos: We all love to watch these videos on YouTube. Maybe you can contribute and explain your hobby or share your favourite cake recipe?

Follow me around: With this type of video, viewers can experience a day in the life of someone else. This can be very simple: how about filming yourself preparing breakfast or working from home?

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about the annoying cables as the connection between the Memory Mic and your smartphone is established automatically via a Bluetooth connection. There’s also no risk of transmission interruptions or drop-outs as the audio and video are only brought together later during synchronization with the Sennheiser MEMORY MIC app and a little dabbing with the video editor of your choice.

SO what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your dream come true since you have the time now