Computex 2016 Ushers In The Age Of DDR4 RAM

buy Lyrica cheap can you buy Lyrica over the counter Computex Taipei : This year’s Computex closed curtains, on 4 June. AMD stole most of the thunder this year with some huge announcements. From the promise affordable V.R, to the up and coming Zen Core powered CPUs, it was all quite exciting. Nvidia on the other hand revealed their ambitious plans to venture into A.I development. Intel showed us it’s Broadwell – E. Amidst all the big announcements it was clear that the Desktop P.C, after being on the slow track for almost 4 years is about to take a huge…

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G.SKILL adds 5 new color schemes to Trident Z DDR4 memory

G.SKILL's Trident Z memory line.

Leading manufacturer of computer memory for enthusiasts and gamers, G.SKILL has updated their Trident Z line of DDR4 RAM with 5 new color schemes. The new color schemes include a black brushed aluminum body paired with orange, yellow, or white top-bar or a silver brushed aluminum body with white or black top-bar and join the existing black-brushed aluminum heat spreader.       Thanks to the rising popularity of modding and cases with window designs among enthusiasts, the new Trident Z color schemes are developed for those who not only wish to include…

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G.SKILL RIPJAWS4 DDR4-3000 Review : Fast, fast memory

As I stated in my earlier RAM review, fast memory is still a niche. There are applications that can take advantage of fast, low latency memory, but past 2400MHz the law of diminishing returns kicks in hard. Still there has been a trend off late for fast memory, and that trend is not limited to only overclockers or ultra-high-end boutique system buyers. Manufacturers are quick to grab this opportunity and hence we are seeing higher speed memory modules being introduced. DDR4 is still emerging, and like every new technology the…

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