April 16, 2024

Sunset Overdrive, Xbox One’s exclusive might be heading to windows platform Via the Windows 10 store.

Remember the Sunset Overdrive PC advertisement that popped up back in 2014? The ad mentioned that the action-packed 3rd person title from Insomniac would be exclusive to Xbox One AND PC, but the rumor was quickly debunked by Xbox’s Mike Ybarra, who stated that the ad “was a simple mistake”.

“Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC”, he claimed. He later reconfirmed that the game is indeed coming to PC, adding that his info comes from a “very, very solid source”. The GAF user added some extra weight to his claim by stating that he would have no problem if a NEOGAF moderator would need to “verify” him for it.

According to ‘Enter the Dragon Punch’, he’s 100% positive that the game will land on PC, and that it will be Windows 10 (Universal Windows Platform) only.

Development on Sunset Overdrive began after Insomniac wrapped up development on Resistance 3. Unlike their previous projects, Insomniac wanted to maintain the rights to Sunset Overdrive and a deal with Microsoft Studios was made – Microsoft allowed Insomniac to maintain the rights to their IP, while publishing the game for the Xbox One exclusively.

While the game has received high ratings, sales haven’t been what was expected, but perhaps a PC release could boost those sales. Since the game’s release back in October of 2014, Insomniac has released several DLC packs for the game. At the moment of writing, however, the developer has no plans to release new content for the game.

If what ‘Enter the Dragon Punch’ claims is true, we might well hear an official announcement during next week’s E3. We’ll keep you posted. Stay Tuned to TechARX for more Rumors and News.