April 15, 2024

It’s been a while since we got any major update from the developers of Road Redemption. This road-rash like combat-arcade racer was successfully Kickstarted three year back. After it was included in the Steam Early Access in 2014, things were pretty quite regarding the game until DarkSeas Game’s recent Kickstarter update, acknowledging that they will revamp the title with some major updates.


For those of you following us on Steam Early Access, you’ll know that we haven’t made any updates since December and may be worried that we’ve stopped working on the game. Quite the opposite is true! Since January we have been focused on improving nearly every aspect of Road Redemption, and this has required us to rebuild a lot of systems before uploading a new build to Steam. Although we have taken longer than we hoped to complete the game, we are dedicated to making the game that we promised. We’ve recently added more developers to Road Redemption, and we’re working hard to finish the great game we envisioned in our original Kickstarter pitch. In the next month or two, we should be ready to upload a new build on Steam so you’ll be able to see our progress!”

The update to the Early Access release should be ready within the next month or two, and they have posted a list of the (many) things they have been working on, including:

  • Improved bike driving and physics
  • Revamped enemy AI
  • Entirely new user interface
  • New weapon upgrade system
  • Unlockable bikes and riders
  • Better missions with greater variety
  • Story Integration
  • Updated levels with more routes to drive
  • Improved visuals of enemies and vehicles
  • Several new enemy types including challenging late level enemies
  • Boss fights
  • Splitscreen co-op improvements
  • Online multiplayer!

Darkseas Game also said that “Our current plan is to finish development of the PC version by the end of this summer” and that they’ll release several new Early Access builds before then.

The update also includes a few screenshot of the improved UI, and it also hints about it’s console release in future.