December 9, 2023

2014 is the year of delay as most of the biggies moved to next year.But that doesn’t mean you should be bored to death till 2015.There are plenty to look forward.Check out whats coming this week  and make sure that your wallet is prepared.

Madden Nfl 15:-


Madden NFL 15 the next gen american football game by EA sports will be hitting the shelf on 26th Aug’14.Featuring the IGNITE engine Madden 15 will showcase the most realistic physics and emotions till date.If football is your forte then its a must buy for you.Madden NFL 15 will be available on Xbox one and PS4.

Metro Redux:-


The now obsolete ThQ blockbuster Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro Last Light by deep silver will get a remastered edition on next gen console and pc named as Metro Redux will also hit shelves on 26th August 2014.Bad news for Indian gamers as they wont get their hands on the retail copy due to some distributor issues.But digital purchase is available.Metro redux will feature remastered and newly designed texture details and physics specially designed for next gen consoles running on 1080p 60 fps.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5:-


The finale episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 will be releasing on August 26, 2014 (PC, PS3, Vita),August 27, 2014 (Xbox 360,ps3 europe).”No going back” is the name of the last episode and it marks the finale of season 2.A post apocalyptic world where  few bunch of people fighting their way to survival.How some events change their lives and emotions come to play thats the usp of 2012’Goty.

Dark souls 2 dlc Crown of the Old Iron King:-


Dark souls 2 dlc Crown of the Old Iron King will also going to release on 26th August 2014.Story based on  the former glory of Iron Keep, and the love triangle between Old Iron King, his nameless wife and Mytha.Not only that new dlc will also bring new weapons,armors and bosses in the game.

infamous Second Son: First Light



The Standalone dlc of Ps4 exclusive Infamous Second Son will mark its debut on 26th Aug 2014.First light is absolutely a standalone dlc and you don’t need to own Infamous Second Son to experience it.First light is based on the events of  one of the main game’s most known character Fetch and her struggle against DUP.The game is available for pre purchase on PSN.First Light will also get a physical blu ray copy release in Europe on September 10 2014.

So mark your calenders and your wallets ready as this week will bring and cater every gamer of every genre.Tell us about your most anticipated release of this week among all this games,which one you are really excited to get your hands on in our comment section.