July 12, 2024

Today marked the darkest day in Sony’s history as Playstation Network,the heart of PS console’s online feature got hacked by a group called Lizard.This incident occurred after 3 yrs when back in 2011 psn got hacked and sony had to face  massive damage.

A group called LIZARD took responsibility of the incident.Though they have no connection in 2011’s massacre.They even uploaded an image on their twitter account of hoisting a flag symbolizing their victory.Rumor is that the hacked details also revealed a shocking news that this group has partially made a bomb threat on the plane which Sony Online president  John Smidely boarded.Threat took a dangerous form among people when Smidely confirmed that he is actually on that plane.No further news in this story yet.

Earlier this week Sony notified all the users that PSN will be unavailable on Monday due to scheduled maintenance.It is actually a blow to the management.

During this period users faced many difficulties such as infinite psn loading,long wait to sign in with user,unavailability of PSN app on tablets and phones.Some people also reported that they were unable to launch/play offline single player mode also.Though Sony confirmed that no personal details such as resident address,DC/CC information are leaked and they are safe and secure.

After Ps4’s launch Sony made some of the psn features such as mutiplayer a paid service.If regular users face such incidents which can compromise their personal infos as well as their gaming experience this will send wrong message to Sony’s potentiality on securing its clients personal data.PSN is now down right now.We will inform you in this matter as the time progress.