April 10, 2024

UPDATE:- Microsoft issued an official statement as it was an “ERROR” from the technical department.They also patched the issue and the game is no longer accessible online. But those who downloaded before the patch can still run the game “OFFLINE”.

Since its announcement the backward compatibility feature is one of the most praised features of Xbox one. Right now almost 50 plus titles are available as backward compatible title on xbox one including Deus Ex Human Revolution, The Witcher 2, Gears of War Trilogy, Fallout 3, Just cause 2 and many more. The new name in the list is the most anticipated game of all time Rockstar’s cult Red Dead Redemption. A neogaf post confirmed that Red Dead Redemption is now available to download from the store if you own the title digitally on xbox 360. But here is a trick, follow the instruction below and claim your game:-

If you want to be able to play Red Dead Redemption on your Xbox One follow these simple steps!

1. Own Red Dead Redemption digitally

2. Go to the Find a Friend option in the Friends menu.

3. Search for “RockoHoward”

4. View RockoHoward’s profile

5. Go to his following list.

6. Change the options to sort “Games” not “Friends & Games.”

7. Find “Red Dead Redemption.”

8. Click “See in store”

9. The “Install” Prompt should appear for you.


Red Dead Redemption is one of the cult games from Rockstar studios. It is one of the most widely praised title from last gen. Since the announcement of backward compatibility Red dead Redemption topped the fans poll conducted by Microsoft Xbox team. After long rumors the game is finally here to enjoy. For more news stick with Techarx.