July 21, 2024
Nvidea launches GT1010, a pascal low end gpu to replace older GT 710.

Nvidia quietly decided to launch a new low end GPU, the GeForce GT 1010, successor of the previous GT 710. The new GT 1010 uses the 5 years old pascal architecture.

The release info was discovered by a Youtuber Dapz as GT 1010 was listed on Nvidea driver site, no other information such as price or release date has been obtained so far.

The GT 1010 features the same GP108 core as the GT 1030 but disables a third of the shader cores to give the GT 1010 a total of 256 shader cores to work with (compared to the GT 1030 with 384 shader cores).

The GT 1010 is said to be available in a 2GB variant only and would have a TDP of 30w, as for pricing there is no information yet but we can expect it to cost similar to the older GT 710.