May 20, 2024

You’ll be surprised to know that the US is the second producer of e-waste. The first one is China. The e-waste was estimated to be the highest in 2012, which was around 10 million tons. And only 29% of this got recycled. That’s really disturbing.

But what exactly does e-waste means?

Electronic items wither with time. The undesirable electronic items that are no longer in use are termed e-waste. It includes old TV sets, computers, gaming consoles, audio-video equipment, etc.

With advanced technology, many people are purchasing more and more electrical products now more than ever. This means that more obsolete models of electronic items are piling up for disposal at a very high rate.

So, recycling these electronic materials is definitely a sustainable option for you and this planet. And here’s why you should consider e-waste management before dumping all your electronics.


Do your bit for the environment.

Obviously, a single man cannot change the whole world, but by doing your part you can easily make a difference. Suppose you own a business firm. You will be having a number of computers and other electronic items in your office. And due to some reason, you decided to dispose of them. How are you planning to deal with all that E-waste?

Please don’t dump it because that’s just going to make things worse. The UN Environment Program confirms that 90% of the e-waste is dumped illegally every year. So, do you want to throw more waste into the environment, or do you want to do something about it? The simple solution to this dreaded problem is to recycle those electronics as much as you can.

The data gets destroyed responsibly.

Business owners know how important it is to keep sensitive data safe and secured. But what if, due to some reason, you want to get off your data saved in your electronics? The e-waste recyclers give utmost importance to your confidential data. According to the experts at CJD E-Cycling, the process of data destruction includes clearing and purging of sensitive information present in the electronics. And Of course, physical destruction of the data ensures that no one can read or have access to your data without your consent.

 It’s better to stay safe than to let your data fall into the wrong hands. Not to mention that it can be used against you or your organization. And you wouldn’t want that. Right?

Helps you to manage toxic materials

You might not know this, but many old electronic items contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, polyvinyl chloride, chromium, beryllium, mercury, etc. And these substances are tossed by the industries into the soil, which pollutes the groundwater. And that’s definitely not a responsible decision!

As mentioned above you need to take care of the environment for our future generations to enjoy. Recycling old devices prevents e-waste by staying away from landfills and water bodies.

To sum it all up!

The energy you save today will reap greater benefits tomorrow. So, consider this procedure and save the raw materials that can be reused in producing new devices. Be a responsible citizen and don’t dump your electronics. Instead, bring them for recycling!