July 23, 2024
No Man's Sky PC Performance

The much awaited space exploration game is now available for purchase on PC and PS4. But No Man’s Sky PC Performance is seemingly bad at the moment. 

Despite being in development for such a long time, the No Man’s Sky PC Performance on launch day is bad. This is also seen on the PS4 version of the game. Though it seems the PC version has taken the longer stick as crashes and stutters occur more frequently. It’s no surprise anymore why the game was delayed three days for the PC.

Independent journalist TotalBiscuit has made some stark remarks on No Man’s Sky PC Performance :

Perhaps the problem is with lower end PCs, but considering TB’s awesome specs, it’s really shocking when he says:

Developer Hello Games hasn’t cited the performance issues,  they now have a QA team dedicated for addressing the said issues. This QA team is bigger than the dev team in hopes to respond to as many queries as they can. Hopefully when the issues are addressed, the gameplay experience will improve.